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This site was last updated on December 10th, 2003

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Welcome to MouseLord's Dwelling!

I will soon be making some major changes to this site. I have many new cards and I have play tested my first batch enough to know what is way too powerful and what just plain old sucks. I will also be posting my first Magic the Gathering Expansion as well. Watch for the Updates!!

You will find new adventure cards, new characters, new spell cards and a new expansion board that I have designed. Just follow the links above to open yourself to the wonders of The NetherWorld. I'd love some feedback on what my fellow lovers of Talisman 2nd Ed. think of the stuff that I have designed. If you enjoy Magic the Gathering or AD+D then you'll also find editing I've done for the games, extensive deck lists and cards I have created for Magic, and loads of maps, treasures, characters, worlds and dimensions that I designed over the years for Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunatley I've spent so much time designing the Talisman side of this site that it'll still be a little while before I have the chance to post anything else. But if you enjoy the Talisman stuff then just keep checking back to see the other fruits of my labours in the years to come. NOTE: There are a lot of pictures to display on this site. Dial up beware!

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