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I'm Baaaack!

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Attention For those not in the know, Geocities is closing it's doors In October.
I will be in the process of moving this website before this happens. When the move is finished, per the request of visitors, I will open the Sailor Moon Gallery, which has been up in the air for quite some time.
I also expect to revamp parts of the site. Since the gallery's opening in 1998, however, I've established a full time job. Leaving only two days a week to move and redo this site.
A majority of the things on the site itself are currently not necessary. So I will remove unnecessary links and pictures ASAP.
Continue watching this space for details.

Hello all...

Call me Rei. Welcome to my Sailor Moon Gallery!

This site will mostly have pictures of Sailor Moon that I've collected around the web.

These pictures on this site were taken with permission. I don't take other people's creations from their sites without asking. But if there is a problem with a pic, e-mail me. ^_^

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For those curious, these SM fans encouraged me to reopen.
I got a sudden flood of awards! Come see my new ones here!
Lita's Cookbook. A Sailor Scout cookbook. I personally love the Whole Wheat Snickerdoodles!
This Inn is beautifully restored and resides in West Virginia. If you are nearby, it's worth staying at.
Want to know what's new in Tupperware? Want to host an online showing? Come visit my store!
Enter the Image Galleries! Romance and More!

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