This is such a fun card!
You can use it as a pop-up card,
or add a pillow of confetti to fling at someone!
Click the flower head to view this card. 

Here's what you'll need:

card for mounting
heavy card stock for the flingerbase
a thin rubber band
(the size that your newspaper comes in)
glue or double stick tape

 Step one: Cut a piece of heavy card stock that is 3" x 5". Score and fold as shown below.
Step two: Cut notches as shown below. 
 Step three: Using the diagram below, cut four smaller notches to hold the rubber band.
Step four: Fold in the side tabs and glue them in place. They will give added support. 

Step five: Fold the unit into the shape of a small table as shown below.
Then with the bottom notched end facing out, place it in the card
and push the top back to flatten it for placement.
Then glue down the side tabs.

Step six: When glue is dry, hook your rubber band onto the unit where the notches are.
This should look as below. Add your embellishments to the front.

Step seven: To close the card, push down/back on the unit
from the front as you did when you placed it.

Step eight: If you want to make it a confetti flinger,
make a small pillow of confetti in thin tissue so
that it is sealed all around as shown. 

Glue this little pillow to the top surface of the unit.
When it's dry, put glue on the top surface of the pillow,
close card and put it under a heavy object to dry.
It will open with a slight tug. And a confetti surprise! 

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