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Scroll below for a few tips. I'll add to these as often as I get anything new.
If you would like to contribute to this page, email me!
Solid Stamps - If your image does not stamp smoothly, what I do is
"rough" up the stamp gently with my Scrubby sponge. Usually
one rub over that and it's perfect. 
 Shrink Plastic - Use a little baby powder on the cardboard
baking board and the piece won't stick.
 Acetate - Prevent your confetti from sticking to the acetate by
rubbing the inside with a dryer sheet first.
Convention Pins - Strapping tape is wonderful for attaching the pin back.
And it can be peeled off if you choose to keep your pins in a binder for storage
E6000 glue is good, but hot glue will come off after awhile because of the 
slick surface of the contact paper or laminate.
 Erasable Ink Pen - You can use this to write or draw, then emboss with it!
The ink stays wet long enough! And you can use clear embossing powder
over it for a look like using black embossing ink. Metallic or clear
powders look best over black ink.
 Corrugated Paper - Next time you change a light bulb,
save the box! It's corrugated inside and you can do marvelous
things with it! Like watercolor it, or run your ink pad over it
to add color, then using a glue pen, go down the insides and
then add glitter for a beautiful background!
 Waxed Paper - Use this to keep your punches and decorative scissors
working smoothly. It also helps your stylus flow more smoothly over
your paper when dry embossing.
 Aluminum Foil - Cut through a folded sheet of this to keep your scissors
and punches sharp! Follow with the waxed paper to remove any stray
pieces. If they are still dull, try a light sandpaper and cut through it.