China the Hairless Chinese Crested
A loveable, sweet Hairless C.C. who gets lots of attention for being so cute. She was born July 2,2002.  Her coloring is classified as slate with pink spots and she belongs to me, Vicki.
Fun Facts:
Darlin is a girl, and she prefers females. But she's generally friendly to all.
She has lots of nicknames, like , Yo,Dar,China and nosy
People who are normally allergic to dogs are not usually allergic to  hairless Chinese Crested's.
She can sit, lie, stay and jump, especially if you have her favorite treats.She talks to me.
Their is a powderpuff variety of the C.C. with hair all over it's body.It's called a Powderpuff.
Darlin has decided she likes the name China,so that is what we call her now. She  lives in Tallmadge,OH,in a trailer with me. Her registered AKC name is Ol Yo Darlin China Doll.  She likes to lick my hand and also sniffs everything when she goes on walks. She has her own pillow to lay on and lots of sqeaky toy and bones to play with,fetching is her favorite game. She gets along fine with our Chihuahuas, Blondie,Chica and Bleu,our 2 cats ,Scrappy and D.P. and her hubby Master Phanthom of the Ring,a powderpuff C.C. that i got in 2003.
- female humans, especially Vicki

- fetching her terrycloth squeaky bone

- long naps

- playing with our 2 cats

- being a couch potato and watching TV
- her new powderpuff black and white hubby
- going to the vet

- cold weather

- when she is left

- water, baths

China had her first litter of pups with Phanthom,my male Powderpuff Chinese Crested, on mothers day this year. I have 1 P.P., 8 week old male, white with a few black spots still waiting for a new home.
check him out on our puppies available site.  
My Newest additions
Master Phanthom of the Ring
This is Fanny.
  He is a Tri-color male Powderpuff Chinese Crested.
He joined my family lastyear at the age of 8 weeks old. He is AKC registered like China and he is a great little daddy to his puppies.
   He likes to sing to me when I have been gone for awhile.He is a cute huggybear dog.
China died from parvo on July 20,2004 she is waiting at the rainbow bridge for me.
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