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Welcome to the Morphyades Family Homeschool page. I am Melanie, mom to Stephanie (14), Christian (8) and Veronica (5). We've been homeschooling since February 2003. Our approach can best be described as eclectic. We use a combination of Alpha Omega curriculum and  classical studies based on THE WELL-TRAINED MIND.

Stephanie is 14 and left public school 3/20/03. She likes homeschooling. Although she was reluctant in the beginning, she has adapted quite well and doesn't want to return to school. See her program by clicking the link at the left.

Christian left 1st grade in Greek public school in February 2003 and loves it! He and Veronica are both in 1st grade for the 2003-2004 school year. To see their program, click the link at the left.

We are based in Greece, near Thessaloniki, but we travel with Dad and his work all over the Balkans (former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania). It is a great learning experience! The children are bilingual English/Greek.
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