Other Pictures Of What Goes on in the Little Town Of Camden, Arkansas
Yep...SNOW!!!  During January of 2000, we got a LOAD of snow dumped on us.  Most people don't think we get any snow.  This snow was the worst I have seen, though, in probably the past 10 years.  We got nearly 20 inches of snow over a period of 3 days of it snowing.  Justin is outside in the front yard playing with the dog in the snow.  The dog shown here is about 11 years old.  We had to treat him for heartworms, which costed about $400.  In July, he died.  :(      <<talking about the dog!!>>
The budweiser clydesdales come to Camden every once in a while, and when they do, we are amost surely going to be there.  We love to go and watch them hitch the horses up to the harnesses.
Ok now...here's the clydesdales' butts. 
This budweiser clydesdale is all hitched up and ready to go.  Aren't they a beauty??!!!
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