Yep!   We also offer chicks for sale.  As with hatching eggs, I always include many many extras just in case.  I hatch baby quail more often than my other breeds of poultry.  However, I do hatch all my other breeds about once a week or so.  Also, I require your payment in full before I can ship the chicks.  Some breeds are seasonal...meaning that I only offer them for a certain time during the year. 
     All of our chicks will be healthy when I ship them.  I will ship them priorty mail which takes 2 days to get there.  The shicks will use the yolk which they draw into their stomach just before they hatch to nourish them on their journey from us to you.  Go to our chick price list to find prices on our birds.  But PLEASE!!!  Before you order, please email us for availability because I don't always have a breed in the incubator.  Sometimes, I have to incubate them for you as you order them. 
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