The Dogs that OWN Me

Gemini May Keema, my first Siberian born May 16, 1989.  She was a true sweetheart and my very best friend.  She stood by me through thick and thin and I wouldn't have traded her for the world.  Gemini went to the Rainbow Bridge June 20/00.  I miss you Gemini  you were my best friend and you leave a hole in my heart that will never be filled.

Kemo my first dog, he was my best friend growing up, buddy and companion. He will always be missed for his great demeanour and wonderful singing a.k.a Kemo Sabe Bo :)

Tasha, I adopted her the summer of 1999, whe is very well trained and enjoys any and all attention.  She is the Woolly Siberian of the house and  reminds me of a big stuffed toy.  Her face would fit perfect in a mountain of stuffed animals with her beautiful blue eyes starring out at you.  She has a gorgeous long coat and an adorable face.  Very dainty the Queen of the house. Tasha is at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me now she passed May 1, 2006.

Lady, my rescue from New York.  What a doll, sweet, lovable and very adorable.  She was abused in her life but fit in very well after I learned where not to touch her and that she was deaf.  My Lady girl crossed the Rainbow Bridge from her home here March 11/01 but her soul will stay with me forever.  I only had her a short time but she left paw prints on my soul.

Tundra, the best Christmas present in the world she is.  What a joy and pleasure she is to have around, I'd never meet such a well behaved Husky especially as a baby.  She is so beautiful, like a wolf and she stalks the others all day.  It is beautiful to watch her run, such grace and elegance.  When she pulls that lip back to warn the other dogs off you'd swear she was a Grey Wolf.

Carl, he was so quiet when I went to pick up Tasha, even while all the other dogs were going nuts, I thought lets take him too.  What a find.  He's wonderful, everyone falls in love with him.  He is loving, obedient and yet he was starved by his previous owners and never knew indoors.  I never knew how wonderful a Walker Hound could be and wouldn't hesitate to get another one

Cojo joined me in August/00 as a rescue from the Ottawa Humane Society.  He had been there since June and even though micro-chipped his breeder and owner did not want him back. He was becoming very sad and withdrawn and eventually didn't greet any of the families looking at him.  He knew he was home when he got here and no looking back.  Look at that face, he's sweet and well behaved.  Mind you a typical Black/White Sibe I think they just plain have to cause trouble to be completely happy.

Here he is ArticLights Dream Weaver, my Xmas 2000 present and what a present he is.  Very good natured, always a wagging tail, loves to cuddle, he actually cooooo's and loves to tell the world how life's going with a big howl and a talk.  He's a pure joy to have around.  Look at that adorable face :) Weaver is now training as a SLED DOG.

My Malamute Rescue of March/01.  When Lady departed this world the very next day I saw Jayke on the internet and I knew Lady was speaking to me.  Lady was an elderly rescue and so is Jayke but they give me far more than I ever give them and not to many folks will take in the older ones.  ITS WORTH IT to take them. Jayke had a short battle with Cancer and she went to the Rainbow bridge on February 12th/02. She is missed greatly by all.

Pride my foster pup, HA HA how could I give him up.  He was born with a deformed foot and the rest of the litter shunned him at 5 weeks.  So I got the call to come get him if I wanted.  He bonded with me almost immediately and he is the sweetest darling, yes he's extremely SPOILED :) 

Big Red Husky, rescued him from Buffalo as he was unknown age (older), half blind and was going to be put down. I love him!!!! What a character. Finally figured out he was a wee bit nasty as he had 4 ROTTEN teeth and I had them removed :) Now he has fresh breath and a better demeaner :) After his recent grooming he's quite proud of his gorgeous new self and struts around. He is becoming more and more relaxed and seeks my attention on a regular basis now.  Sadly Big Red passed away on December 3, 2003 after a large tumour inside him ruptured.  I'll miss you my Big Red friend.

Harley is my foster Husky for the SHCC, the poor darling was tied out his whole life of 5 years on a chain. He is such a sweetheart after coming from such an abusive situation he'll make someone a wonderful pet. Harley has gone to his forever home in Alberta YAHOOOOOOO

Trouble is a temporary foster until her Daddy can find her a new home :) What an absolute sweetheart she is :) One week with us and she was off to her new FOREVER HOME

Bella started with a knock on my door and a question of have you lost a dog?? Bella has been with me since May 10/04. She was seen on the road for 2 days until a farmer kindly picked her up before she was hit. He brought her to me as apparently I'm known as the Husky lady. So far no one has claimed her and she just wants to be loved 24/7. She is very precious and wants loving 24/7.

Max is 9 yrs old (in 2002) and our newest addition. He was in foster care or shelters since the Spring of 02 and needed to be homed with someone that understood Siberians, especially ones that have been abused and have some issues :) He's a gorgeous baby and loves to Woooo Wooooo all the time. Max left for the Rainbow Bridge July 18, 2007 and the house just seems so quiet now, I miss him a lot.

I have to include Cupper :) He is a rescue Hamster I found in Petsmart. Someone had performed surgery on him to take out ONE testicle and didn't do a very good job. So he came home with me got the vet care and meds he needed and has so far survived all the Hubley Hooligan attentions :) Sadly Cupper passed away not long after Christmas 2002, goodbye sweet little boy you are missed.

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