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Since I was a little girl, you have always been there for me.  When I was small, you bandaged scraped knees
and kissed away tears.
As I grew into a young woman, you gave wise words of advice, which were often ignored, yet you never interfered.

Now that I am a Grandmother, you are still there to offer advice, gentle words of support and most of all, love.

If God had given me a choice of mothers, I couldn't have picked a better one.  In all of His infinite wisdom, He chose you to be my Mother.  I thank Him for that. You are the best Mom anyone could ask for.

Besides all of these things, you taught me to respect
my fellowman, to be honest and to love nature.
You also passed down some very special writing talents.
This page is a tribute to you and your writing talent.

I want you to know that as well as being my Mother,
I consider you my friend. I appreciate all you have done and all you still do for me.

I love you with all of my heart.

Your Loving Daughter


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It seems there is a moment in every woman’s heart – the desire to be a  mother.
A prayer is said, now confident that everything will work out properly
That in due time, emerges a healthy baby.
On baby’s arrival, her heart is filled with joy,
No matter if the precious one’s a darling girl or boy.
Her duty is to nurture till adulthood arrives,
They’ll surely have some tumbles; it’s a part of their lives.
But just how those affect them is actually up to you.
They’ll sense a special bonding as you wrap them in your arms,
And place upon their forehead, a kiss with all its charms.
For many little heartbreaks are greater than the scar
To erase these tragic accidents depends on who your are.
For love is like a blanket. It will wrap you oh, so tight,
Dispel scarred emotions – put tragedy to flight.
How fond the hour of bedtime when they climb upon your knee,
To hear these Bible stories, there’s a blessing don’t you see.
While they listen earnestly, there’s a peace that fills their soul
With blinking eyes and nodding head, sleep soon has full control.
The mother quite exhausted, it’s been a busy day,
Gives a great sigh of relief, her children are tucked away.
As they awake in the morning and face another day,
They listen so intently. The love to hear her pray.
Through schooldays she’s a consolation as their trust in her they place.
With her faith and confidence in God, she’ll surely win the race.
From when early dawn is breaking, till the midnight hour falls,
Mother’s at the switchboard to answer beck and call.
The approaching of those teen years, a whole new task arrives,
Hopefully she’s instilled God’s guidance in their lives.
They’ve learned to pray and listen with a tactful ear,
He’ll lead them through those challenging years without a doubt or fear.
Adulthood now on the horizon, her worries are almost o’er
A change in life’s direction will open another door.
But Mother’s dedication never ever ends – for whether round the corner,
Or halfway round the world,
At a moment’s notice, she’ll be on her way,
Regardless of the hour, on any given day.
For true is her devotion, if she hears the cry,
And great faith in her response, they know she’s standing by.
God has provided Mothers with a special gift, I’m sure you will agree
To fulfill the task of Motherhood in blessed harmony.
So as I think of Mother, it brings memories of a gentle touch,
A heart with such compassion, she offered oh, so much.
I look into her sparkling eyes reveal a comfort there,
I know it is the accomplishment of a life bathed in prayer.
Advice she often offers, though occasionally ignored.
Then I sense that she’s been talking to the Lord.
She really didn’t interfere, just warned me of the test,
Now I have learned to listen for God and Mom know best.
Never once reluctant to meet my every need,
I only hope time will allow me to return the deed.
For constant prayer and thoughtfulness has surely been my guide.
Oh, how I appreciate knowing she’s walking by my side.
She’s been an inspiration, as I sought out my desires,
Her infinite patience, a blessing that inspires.
A quality sample, she taught me right from wrong,
These markers for my pathway, will last a lifetime long.
Though Mother’s such a simple word, there simply is no doubt,
Those 6 letters that spell Mother, tell what love is all about.
                              GOD BLESS ALL MOTHERS

                    ~ Copyright © 2000 - Margeret Willson ~

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How pleasant to live in the country,
Where the beauty of nature abounds,
We revel in peace and contentment,
Inspired by natural sounds.

At dawn when I gaze out my window,
How stunning the sights that appear,
Like the sky’s brightest blue or a rainbow,
And beneath it the form of a deer.

For out of the woods drawn by thirst to the pool,
Contented she takes her first sip,
Then distracted by scurrying squirrels in a whirl,
Relaxed, water pours from her lip.

A thundering sound echoes out of the blue,
In a flash she’s gone, tail held high.
Jumping and bounding she swiftly flew,
Oe’r dewy green pastures stretching up to the sky.

Nature has such a soothing effect,
If you bask in its tranquility,
Just picture such scenes as this in your mind,
I’m sure it will set your soul free.

~ Copyright©2000 - Margeret Willson ~

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                  LET’S READ A BOOK

Do you remember when you got your first book
And sat on Grandpa’s knee to just look and look and look?
When I began to toddle, I took it to his knee,
And when he read those stories, I’d jump and squeal with glee.
Soon I’d sit upon the sofa and pages start to turn,
And from those nursery books, I began to learn.
At bedtime Grandma would read a book clear through,
I’d ask her to repeat it, again and again – please do.
I listened so intently. I wouldn’t miss a word.
Soon I could recite those pages from the stories I had heard.
About a doll, a train, a plane; animals, flowers or a bird up in a tree.
They were so exciting and would fascinate me.
I studied very hard through word and even sound,
To master some reading skills where great joy can abound.
Alas, I read my first book from beginning to the end.
It deepened my yearning for reading, my dear friend.
Soon in the heat of summer, I’d take my favorite book,
Search out a shady tree in a quiet little nook.
I’d read and dream and drift away,
Till there was no time left to play.
I heard of a library where there were stacks of books,
On my first visit, in awe, I just had to stare and look.
Not just a thousand, but many many more,
Those shelves go all around the room from the ceiling to the floor.
I found I could take one home, in private for to read,
And soon I discovered that a book could meet a need.
They tell me about the countries of many a foreign land,
Just let me take another down and hold it in my hand.
I want to reap the knowledge available to me,
Of nature and the customs of lands across the sea.
A good book can be a solace and even bring a smile,
Relieve your mind of urgent trials and travel many a mile.
So let’s instill this interest from the youngest to the old,
For a wealth of information from a book can we unfold.
Let’s talk about another book, it means the world to me.
I want to spell the title. It’s B-I-B-L-E.
I learned about its stories while on my mother’s knee.
Later others, more in-depth, my Grandpa told to me.
I learned some in the classroom. Times were different then you see.
I love to read this precious book, a guide for us today,
And if you follow on that path I’m sure that your won’t stray.
For it teaches us the basics – always trust the Lord and pray.
So let’s respect the greatest book the B-I-B-L-E.
Read it from cover to cover, until it sets us free.

                 ~ Copyright © 2000 - Margeret Willson ~


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