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Some of us have been fortunate to have had that one person in our lives that we have an intemporal love for. A shared love. The one true love that we carry in our hearts throughout eternity.
I was blessed to have had this extraordinary love in my life.

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The moon shone down on the valley,
Its full round face sending a cascade of iridescent light
To the earth below.

The valley, a vision of loveliness,
As we stood on the hill, hand in hand,
Awed at the wondrous site.

The darkness, lessened by the light of the full moon,
Was like a beautiful ladyís veil of soft, silver gray,
Casting hues over the river and trees below.

The river, curving like a ribbon through the valley,
Moved gently, making not a sound.
As if it knew the moment was a treasure to behold.

I shall never forget that night, or its beauty,
As we carved our initials in a heart on the old, oak tree,
Hoping they would stay for eternity.

Our initials are still there, as we wished,
Waiting for eternity to come,
A never dying symbol to a never dying love.

I go there often in the light of the full moon,
Still awed by the beauty that we gazed upon that night,
And think of you.

Often, I let my fingers run over the rough bark
And feel the eternal symbol we left of our love,
And think of you.

You are gone, but someday in eternity,
I believe we will once again stand together
Under the old, oak tree.

Our initials will still be cast in the bark,
We will gaze at the awesome beauty
As we did that night so long ago.

We will loose ourselves once again in each otherís eyes
And see the reflection of the full golden moon,
And hold hands.

We will see the river, curving like a ribbon through the valley,
Moving gently, making not a sound.
It will know this moment is a treasure to behold.

We will think back to that night so long ago,
And remember itsí beauty, as we carved our initials on the old oak tree,
Hoping they would last for eternity.

They will be there.
Eternity will be now.
And I will be with you.

Dedicated to the memory of my husband, Cameron Lynn Desmarchais who passed away suddenly on December 31, 1977.

~ Copyright © 2000 - by Mary M. Alward ~

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