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Updated October 1st 2k3

This has not been updated in a very... long... time... It's poetry this round. Sorry. Sometimes these things just happen. I always find it interesting to come back here and see how my style has grown (or warped, whichever you please). The newer stuff is slightly more sophisticated as it is backed by actual experince this time! Yay! You'll still know it's new from the **new** next to it. :P

Feel free to e-mail me with your thoughts. If any of you would please sign my guest book located at the Front Desk and tell me what you think, I would be eternally grateful. Until next time!


Let Me Tell You A Story
I Looked Up
The Promised Land

If you'd like to read something a little more real,
visit my online diary. See how messed up I
really can be - I dare you.

Fiction - a lot of these are surreal
Job Hunting an everyday life piece
The End
And Then There Was Silence
Réal: an introdution

Fantasy / Science Fiction
Rand Davidson's Really Bad Day
The Prince Who Stopped Wishes
Desperate Angel

Heart of the Dragon the beginning to a fantasy novel I began long ago


If you are interested in more poetry, visit The Wall, a part of my Rainbow Graffiti site.

Winter Moon
Song of the Windchimes
I Saw the Sunrise
If I Can See the Stars
Beauty Abounds
It's Easier
The Painting
The Most Perfect Day
Little Star in Heaven
The Author
Cute Waiters
This is My Room
I'll Build Castles in the Air
Want to be Alone
Little Bit
Play Within Nothingness
I Have A Cute Little Toy
When Galatea Dies **new**
Two from God **new**
Ballad of the Red-Jeweled Dragon **new**
Inside Out **new**
One Night in Hikone **new**


The Story of Bill"questionable subject material"...?
Check out my Commentary if you haven't.

The Rich Man and the Poor Man

I'll be adding more, so you come back and read more, okay?
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