[ Sunday, June 9th 2002. 1:51 PM ]


[ Tuesday, May 21th 2002. 7:08 PM ]

You know, some ppl should just stop judging other ppl by their image. Just because i dress into clothes that may reveal my body at times doesnt mean im selling my body.. which in other words u ppl call a 'ho' or a 'slut', its different from having sex with 203843 men and wanting to feel sexy. And i do set my own morals when it comes down to myself with drugs and sex. Im proud of my body and i try and make the best out of what i have, i wouldnt want to be stick skinny.

4:26 PM - Porque?

hOLa~* *sneeze* Today was just boring! the weather was changing like krazy and i hated it. i like it when its sunny >:T lolz anyways, yesterday i didnt go to skool cus u kno..i was SICK as u can see and im planning to go to some beach house party shit on the weekend :DDD and im taking silby with me! hurrah. I planned out wut i shall do during the summer and that is:

1.) Dye hair coffee brown with lil bit darker brown streaks
2.) Get more tanned
3.) Part time job(take the bus)
4.) Dance classes which ill be paying with the money i earned.(take the bus)
5.) Summer skool
6.) Road Trip/Camping with the homies :DD
7.) Retreat at LMC
8.) and other stuffies :DDDD

haHaha yup! well its not totaly planned out CORRECTLY but yea.. those are the things im probably gonig to dO at some time during the summer :-) anyways, i took this test from emode which is called 'wut zodiac sign should you be' and yea those horoscopes are freaky cus its so true! and the results were:

A Leo!
It's sooo you!

The planets are very complex. Maybe your astrologer will disagree, and maybe a few tendencies will vary, but overall you're a LEO. You're like a lion in disguise, just waiting for a kingdom to rule. Out of all the zodiac signs, you're the born entertainer -- the fire sign who craves attention and loves the spotlight. And people just can't resist your exuberance, spirit and charisma. Creative and self-assured, you do anything to make people smile. You're a great friend, not just for your fun-loving nature, but also because of your kind and generous ways. You crave pleasure and a luxurious lifestyle, and not a day goes by without some sort of drama. It's all part of your Leo style.

yup yup :D and i think its so true...wut the ppl say about leo cus i am like a leo and its freaky O.o o wells...! i guess i am a drama queen after all :D *cough cough richie* :)

[ Friday, May 17th 2002. 8:26 PM ]

Ahhhh~!! its my birthday soon :o) haHahaHA ima celebrate it wit a few friends of mine ^^ today i was suppose to go to the movies with vikki but :( didnt work out..besides i had tutor, ergh! o wells..tomorrow im headed for the mall :) yay and on sunday i think me and my homegrlz are going to the beach, heEhEHe :DDD lolz welps today was actually pretty boring..me and tiff was acting soo krazy infront of the video camera that danny and his friend was filming, cus they wanted to film us xD heHEhehhe any~hOoz me and my 'b/f' i dont even wanna call my 'b/'f broke up, yes yes lol i sound like javi >:T any~hOoz, me took some tests outta boredom so check em outtttt beacccchh

ya well i luv uuu, bye bye :)

[ Monday, May 6th 2002. 5:40 PM ]

i aint in a good mood.. u kno, i was talking to some ppl and they were talking about relationships and while they were talking i got curious..and anxious to tell em wuts going on with mine. And i asked this one guy and he said its either three options. Either hes scared to deal with it or he doesnt kno wut to say or he just plain doesnt care. Humm seems like its all 3. blah. Sux that you give so much to someone and when u need them the most, it just all falls apart.

[ Sunday, May 5th 2002. 1:18 PM ]

*Yawn* Sleepy. Yesterday was iite~ went shopping wit my bro lolz first time, felt kinda strange shopping wit my bro but wutevers, iss all gooddd. Any~hooz, afterwards me n silby went to watch a movie. We watched life or something like that..this..it(wutever) but we first sneaked into spiderman but those fuckerz which we call 'security ppl' were checking our tickets..so we just bounced outta there. The movie we were suppose to be in wasnt so bad. It was actually pretty good, so i recommend it for all of u? Anyways~ jonathan(not korean jon) asked me to go to the convention center wit vikki, marty, and other ppls but then i realized dat i didnt have a ride cus first of all theres no way in hell my parents are gonna take me there and i dont have a car..yet..but he said he can give me one so yayyyyy :D omfg i should take shorty wit me cus she hella krazy bout anime xD.. hAHAhaHa im sucha dorq! xP.. i confused myself from pop corn and corn pops while i was talking to ms tiffany

BaDKiTtY12286: coOl
BaDKiTtY12286: anywaiz i'm eating corn poops
BaDKiTtY12286: pops
BaDKiTtY12286: lol
m i k i i s h xP: lolz
m i k i i s h xP: interesting..
m i k i i s h xP: trying to get yourself in the movie mood?
BaDKiTtY12286: gotta have my pops
m i k i i s h xP: wait
m i k i i s h xP: LOLZ
m i k i i s h xP: AHHAHAHAA
m i k i i s h xP: pop corn..
m i k i i s h xP: corn pops..
BaDKiTtY12286: lol
m i k i i s h xP: wut tha heezy
BaDKiTtY12286: haha

*sigh* yea =/ i have a major case of being absent minded to where i confuse myself from words which are reversed from eachother.*shrugs, cough*

What Flavor Icecream Are You?

[ Thursday, May 2nd 2002. 3:01 PM ]

Boy you fill me with so much joy
You give whatever it is that I need
Now I'm here to stay
Won't never leave
So glad that you fell
In love with me
My love is so good
That I wouldn't be without you babe
Couldn't see me without you babe
My love is so good
That I wouldn't be without you babe
Couldn't see me without you babe
All of my life (I've been searching for you)
Everyday (So glad that I found you boy)
On my mind (I've been feining for you)
Everyday (I'm so happy baby)
Boy you got me feeling so good
You take all the pain away from me
Without you around, I couldn't breathe
And I knew you fell in love with me - ashanti "happy"
i luv my boo xp
richie n miki

[ Wednesday, May 1st 2002. 3:06 PM ]

Hurrah.. im back in skool today. Im still sick tho :/ o wells~~~~~~~~ anyhooz, were still learning about the holocaust in english class *sigh* we had to write a poem and we could choose outta two characters we wanted to do on. I chose this woman who was a devoted christian but started bringing hate onto herself when she got sent to the camps, so i thought outta fuckin boredom im deciding to 'SHARE' it with all u fuckerz :D

dear saint from the heavens that purify you.
why must you paint your hate on the ones who have the same flesh and blood as you do.
do not bring the devil inside who corrupts your mind.
because it will surely cut through your eyes which blinds.
the vivid colors you encircle your world with, please dont drain out the colors and blacken the world which we wouldve loved to live in.
peace, love, and harmony was in the eyes which a cross lit within but now it slowly fades away while your heart painfully parts.
do not be afraid o holy one or lose faith being that you are still not yet gone.
For you must save yourself before you are undone.

Yea :/ save ur comments for me tomorrow~ k? k. Anyway~ Today was pretty much the same altho i DID CUT MY HAIR and yea its lil lower than my shoulder >:/ but im determinded to grow it long again but dis time its gonna grow straight, yay~..

*:] i like* Lexus IS300

[ Tuesday, April 30th 2002. 9:01 PM ]


Wake up in the morning/Look out the window and wut do I see/Corruption and blasphemy/Is this how we want to be/When are we going to open our eyes/And dry our tears from the evil we burden/but all we can do is run away on the low where we try n stay hidden/within ourselves thereís strength to overcome our differences/Can we love each other the same way as we do with our own colors/But wait we still hate on each other even toward our own culture/We watch others bleed while we wait like vultures/Why cant we open our hearts and show some love/And dig deep into the souls that are sent from the heaven above/But hypocrisy and jealousy stand in the way of loving our own family/Time flies by fast and yet we still dwell on the past /Forget the past and lets concentrate on the present and also the future/Wut are you going to do, your kids are hungry and you cant even make a cent or two./Still goní try and forget yo shit by drinking? Remember reality slaps u back in the face after 24 hrs of Hallucinating/Donít drown yourself from your own problems, fo yourself u gotta try n heal and while at it.. Toward others why donít u stop actin n start bein real.

12:10 PM -*Sneeze*

I wanna watch that movie scorpion king, i heard it was hella good :) and that movie with angelina jolie.. and and! i also wanna watch spider man LOL i think it looks good!! xp anyway, me and richie are gonna go on a date *blush* hahaha o man~ i wonder wut im gonna wear!! >.< i hate thinking about these things cus i always regret wut i wore. But o wells, im gonna go to church soon, yup yup..shorty's church which has andy, peter, kenny, esther, brent, ect. xD im not going becus im christian..its cus i want to learn about it, experience wut they teach and expand my knowledge. Just outta curiosity u kno? Anyway~ andy said hes gonna take me to church when he gets his car..altho my parents are going to another church which is my sisters/bro's.. but i dont feel comfortable being around with my parents all the time(dont ask) I want to go my own way and do things my own way. I want to grow to become an independent woman, even the lil things as in going to church. Sometimes i just need to go alone, I hope some ppl who are reading this understands. Me, shorty, and other ppls are gonna get an apt together!! and john wants a spare key so he can have a place to crash when he gets buzzed. Man.. i wish i could see again.

no im not blind.

10:33 AM - *cough*


Stayed home today *cough* Im sick :/ damn~ my throat hurts, coughing, and my stomach started to get cramps, wut a beautiful day. Yesterday was pretty lame. And WHY is everyone telling me i look mixed?! One said i look half hawaiian then the next say i look half hispanic LOL thats highly IMPOSSIbLE..er the hispanic one. Then yesterday angela was like 'damn u have light brown hair' and i was like 'yea' and shes like 'wut kind of a korean are u?!' and im thinking DAMN so im going 'why tha HELL does everyone say im mixed' and shes nodding going 'u do look mixed' i do not!!! >_<;; then some ppl are telling me i look like zhang ziyi, wth?? okay? zhang ziyi does NOT look mixed, ppl these days. *sneezes* damn i got another detention yesterday :/ and i have to get my math book back since my tutor wants it..*sigh* wuts wrong with me these days? i used to do good last year but this year im getting more rebellious and careless. I need to change my act, but how can i? once you've turned into something its so hard to turn back. So i guess thats one of the things that i need to work on xp anyway.. and tiffany brought a camera and started taking pictures of us. Which is irene, grace, jenny, angela, blah blahhh and i hate taking pictures so i just stuck my ass out at the camera and flicked it off xppp i dun kno if she took that one tho. Ohhh wells. I cant wait till i get my car, then i can finally have some fun. Im probably gonna sneak outta my house sometimes and go places, especially go to the races with andy's team thingy when he gets his car. Which is an RSX(daaaamn) i can finally be on the streets!! where i belong(xp). John's getting his car too! and he has his own team thingy...and jonathon has one..david has one.. all these guys getting their own car teams. Richie said hes gonna MAKE me race lol and hes gonna make me know everything about cars haha thats gon' take hella a lot of time...

Acura Integra LS

[ Sunday, April 28th 2002. 1:46 PM ]

Its sunday. And i wanna party!!! But parents say no..gotta go to skool tomorrow..and study.... Blah ~ (^)(>_<)(^) I seriously think skool is pointless, yea yea yea 'we need skool in order to succeed' man~ u think i dont kno that? but skool has gotten to the point where we're depending on it, which is pretty sad. But i guess we need it in order to create some sort of balance..anyway! me and my mom are STILL ignoring eachother. I dunno, me and her just dont mesh, just cus u guys are somehow 'related' doesnt mean u guys HAVE to get along, some ppl just cant u kno? Im thinking of getting a tattoo when i grow up, on my lower part of my back..um..on my hips thingy..u kno wut i mean..anyway... i cant wait till x mas comes, thats like my FAV time of the month. Seriously, i wish it friggin snowed here for once tho, it aint x mas without snow!! but DAMN i wish i still had that x mas feeling when i was young.. u kno how when u were really young u had that feeling on xmas?? yea and as u grow up it just slowly goes away, thats part of the reason why it sux to grow up. Lets see..what shall i do today..hum..okay first things first i have to do the laundry.. and i think im gonna try and cook for ONCE. I seriously SUCK AT IT >_<;;; ahh wut is my kids gonna think!!! 'bitch go make me somethin!!' >.< the only thing i CAN make is friggin eggs, RAMEN!, fried rice..but ATLEAST ITS A START DAMNIT...o yea and i wanna cut my hair up to my shoulder and grow it straight, u kno how some ppl when they get their hair layered? and they cant take care of it properly, yes i was(er..still am) one of those foolish ppl who fell victimized by manipulative korean ah-jum-ma's that 'tried' to get me to have LAYERS, wth is that? and OMG THERES FRIGGIN ANTS EVERYWHERE, ARGH!@)!@$*)#! anyway as i was saying, im determined to grow my hair STRAIGHT and dye it BLACK or LIGHT BROWN..WHICH EVER. Then i want a friggin TAN. Yea..thats all i want...thats all i ever fuckin want rite now but somethin always fucks up when i try to achieve something..anyway.. ugh, my parents dont let me do nothin, gets on my nerves! Im trying to gROW and experience the world but they trap me in this hell hole. I know some of u are going 'its just a phase my dear..' kno wut? fuck u! some ppl have needs and my needs are to be around PEOPLE and to WORK..ok not studying :/ but..like a part time job or something. I need those things in order to make me feel, ok~ this is pretty fuckin gay, but to feel kinda 'alive'. Anyway, staying in this house isnt gonna improve anything, i kno my parents are scared for me to be out in the world but damn u cant always be safe.



Supra Twin Turbo

hOnda CiviC ..=9

[ Saturday, April 27th 2002. 10:55 PM ]

AHHHHHH I HEARD LOVE HINA DVD'S OUT!! woot! x] i SOOO wanna get that..so..badly..anyone wanna buy it for me? :-D you kno u want to!!! xP lolz anyway.. gawd it sucks so much that my entries got deleted n shit.. Anyway, you kno its kinda funny that the male population can start thinking about 'things' when you bring up or show somethin to them? Yes.. last friday i had a close encounter with the male mind 3 times. One guy asked if i wanted to have sex with him and the obvious answer was HELL MUTHA FUCKIN NO, the next was in the library where we had to search up shit about the holocaust and while i was quietly reading the stories of those poor children this one dude asked if he could see my book for a sec and me being cautious asked why, and he said because he just wants to see it(k? wutever.) and i go 'u sure ur not just saying that so u can just basically jack my book? get ur own shit' and hes like 'no no let me just see it!' and im like iite...so i give it to his punk ass and then hes like 'its mine now' and im thinking O HELL NO so i go over to him to retrieve it BACK but then he starts saying that i have to sit next to him and to look at the book together and im like..uh..ok..wtf is dis guy on? and he keeps insisting that i sit next to him. So i just grab the book back and go over to josh and sean. Ugh, anyway then in 4th period this guy came over and sat down next to me while i was talking to kevin. And he starts asking stupid questions which i hold NO interest for. And later kevin tells me that he told him that he wanted to get to kno me cus i was 'attractive' to him..k wutever. Anyway that IS NOT THAT WAY U GET A GURL


1.) dont ask stupid questions


3.) dont restrict a gurl from wut she wants to do, in other words: LEAVE THA BITCH ALONE.


 10:39 PM - BUENOS DIAS! :D

MANNN~!@#!@)*# I cant believe i accidently deleted my blog.. damn all that work and this happenz..shit, o well. I'll just have to start all fuckin over again..dayam~ anyway.. today was pretty boring..juss chilled at home. Was suppose to go to tha mall wit mai grlz..but um..no ride? :-D anyway.. hope everyones havin a good weekend n shiet..welpz im outz then <3

 7:41 PM - @%&)@#$&!


               shit happenz..                          


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