Jabal Al-Weibdeh
Amman, Jordan
P.O.Box 9217
Tel:  4624345
Fax: 4619347

HOW TO FIND US: We are located at Jabal Al-Weibdeh, on Al-Aradhi Wa Al-Masahah Street, close to Paris Circle, in the city of Amman the capital of Jordan.
VISITING HOURS: Visitors are welcome daily during the hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm.
PARKING INFORMATION: Patients and visitors can park either directly in front of the main entrance to the hospital or at certain designated locations off the main street.

INTRODUCTION: Luzmila Hospital (LH) is a private, 66-bed, acute care and community health hospital. Founded in 1948, LH is one of the oldest hospitals in Jordan providing comprehensive health and medical services for the general public. The hospital provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to inpatients and outpatients alike. 

HISTORY: After the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, the Sisters Of Nazareth decided to transform the school they were running at the time into a hospital, with the intention of providing the necessary health services for the masses of refugees and the wounded caused by the war. They named this hospital after Contessa Luzmila who donated all the needed financial support. This hospital was in full operation in 1948 and was officially licensed by the Ministry Of Health in 1950.
In the late 1960`s the Sisters Of Nazareth decided to hand in the administration of the hospital to Dr. Sharajian. In 1978 the present administration, under the leadership of Surgeon Drs. Saliba Baqaen & Adnan Masanat, took over.

MEDICAL STAFF: There are two general surgeons, three anaesthetists, two radiologists, and nine resident doctors (five seniors and four juniors). The number of nurses exceeds fifty-five. Add to this a substantial number of local and international consultant physicians and experts in different medical fields who regularly refer their patients to this hospital for treatment and use all the available medical facilities this hospital provides.

1.  Admissions and Information
2.  Outpatient and Emergency
3.  Radiology
4.  Laboratory
5.  Surgery
6.  Endoscopy
7.  Intensive and Intermediate care unit
8.  Kidney dialysis and transplant unit
9.  Pharmacy
10. Nursing
11. Accounting and Finances
12. Laundry
13. Kitchen and Cafeteria
14. Transportation and Communication
15. Maintenance
16. Waste

Luzmila Hospital Main Building
Main Entrance
Surgeon Drs. Baqaen & Masanat
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