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UpCoat of Arms

I have found two different coats of arms for the name Vachon.  The one shown above is supposed to belong Paul Vachon and was sent to me by Roland Vachon. I am waiting for him to send me the supporting documentation.  The other coat can be seen here.

The blazon for the arms is: Tierced per fess, gules two mullets argent, sable a cow passant or, and azure three fleurs-de-lis or.

If you have any additional information on the coat of arms, please contact me.

UpAbout the Vachons

The Vachons were some of the first settlers in Quebec. The first Vachon recorded in Quebec is a Pierre Vachon. He is listed as coming from Caux, France and drowned on 1 May 1640, with Jean Ameline of Rouen, while crossing the water with Father Pijart, a Jesuit Priest. He was buried at Quebec on 3 Jun 1640 and left no descendants. I do not know how Pierre relates to the rest of the Vachons on these pages.

The ancestor of all Vachons in Canada and America is Paul Vachon. Paul is said to have made the crossing in 1650 at age 20, though some say he came over before 1646. You can read a story about his life here.

How to Find People On These Pages

This line has been researched back to early 17th century France.

Click here for a picture showing the distribution of the surname Vachon in the US

The oldest entry I have is Paul's father Vincent.

The most recent entry I have is here.

There is also an index here.

There is a master index for all the families here.

My Vachon database is available as either a GEDCOM or as a Family Tree Maker file. A viewer for Family Tree Maker files is available here. This database does not contain any maternal lines, if you want those you must take the database on my Genealogy Home Page.

If you have any information to add to these pages contact me.

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