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Royal Military College '00
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UpAbout Me

In May 2000,  I  finished my doctorate at  Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY, in the Mechanical Engineering Dept. I worked for Prof. Kevin Craig in the Mechatronics Lab . My research involved developing a new method to model the effects of piezoceramic patches on structures. The method involves generating a mechanical impedance for the structure from an FEM program and is much more accurate than other available methods.  Electronic copies of my thesis and papers will be available from my resume in the near future.

That summer I started a job at the US Army's Benét Laboratories.  Benét is a tenant of the Watervliet Arsenal in Watervliet, NY.  This is just across the  river from Troy so I didn't have to move and still do stuff at RPI.  I do work on gun dynamics and advanced composites for gun structures.  Electronic copies of my thesis and papers will be available from my resume in the near future.

Even though I am no longer a student at RPI I still belong to their Fencing Club and have a C rating in epée.  For several years I got conned into becoming webmaster, Vice Chairman and later Chairman of the Hudson Berkshire Division of the USFA. I finally managed to retire from those positions in 2007 but still fence. When I get a chance I also like to go skiing, do some roller blading or ice skating, and play the occasional computer game.  You can also check out some pictures from recent fencing tournaments at: Fort Ticonderoga: '99, '00, '01; Boston University; Royal Military College: '99, '00; and Carleton University.

As you can probably guess from above, I have done some work on my family tree.  It is interesting to see what type of people you can dig up.  I have found some explorers, Indian fighters, and  Revolutionary War Soldiers along with a couple of people that got out of England a few steps ahead of the hangman.

You can check out some of my pictures on my pictures page. There you will find pictures of my motorcycle, my truck, my daughter and some other neat stuff.

If you are looking for a few good, on going stories to read check out Kristy's writing and fanfiction pages.

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