This section contains miscellaneous type information. It has resources on advanced theories for types, and essays written by people viewing this site. If you would like to contribute to furthering personality type by adding something of yours (and get your name seen by a bunch of people!) then send me something! It can be your latest ideas on how you can use a typing system in the workplace, or your personal experiences as a certain type. Be creative!


Lists - Data/Statistics

Famous People by Myers-Briggs Type - Joe Butt and Marina Margaret Heiss's large list of celebrities sorted by type and temperment.

Famous People by Enneagram Type - Don Richard Riso's accurate and definitive list of celebrities sorted by Enneagram type and wing.

Suggested Careers for Myers-Briggs Types - Are you unsure of which career is best for you? This list gives an overview of which careers are most suited with a certain type.

Type Correlations - Charts that show which Myers-Briggs types correspond with Enneagram types. Are 4s more likely to be INFPs or ENTPs?

Type Statistics - Statistics on the population of individual types. Are there more INTJs than ISTPs? Which types have the highest average education? Which types take the most personality tests?



Descriptions of Enneagram Instinctual Variants - Detailed profiles of the self-preservation, social, and intimate subtypes in each Enneagram type. Written by Thomas Condon.

Descriptions of Enneagram Wings - An overview of the eighteen wing subtypes by Thomas Condon.

Directional Theory of the Enneagram - An in-depth analysis of the Enneagram by Thomas Chou. Emphasizes motivation and a set of triads.

Funny, You Don't Look Twoish - An essay taken from a book by Tony Schwartz, on his personal experience with the Enneagram and some famous teachers.

Uncovering Your Personality Type - Written especially for people with difficulties finding their own type, several tips are offered by Cory Caplinger.



Type Humor - A compilation of various type humor I have encountered on the web. Send me some of your stuff! (Even if it's not that funny =oP).

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