Leva Productions is a manufacturer of resin cast miniature wargaming and model building accessories in 1/285, 1/72, 6mm and 15mm scales. We have an extensive range of over 500 pieces covering from ancient to medieval,  World War 2 to modern. And everything in between. Even Science fiction to complete the choices.
     Designed and manufactured in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this line of highly detailed resin models will do wonders to spice up the battle fields of your miniature wargames and dioramas. Buildings, guns, ruins, bridges, bunkers, fieldworks, infantry weapons, armour and upgrades. The list goes on and on.
     Feel free to browse our illustrated catalogue, and don't forget to check back often for the updates on the main page. If you have any questions on your way through the site just look for an email link (Canadian flag) and drop me a line.
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Monday, January 25, 2001

          The price list will be under going major revision over the next couple of days. Due to rising production costs, and so forth, please be advised that there will be a slight increase in the price of most models. We thank you for your continued patronage and hope this does not inconvenience anyone too much.

Thank You

This page was created April 11, 2000
New Releases this month!!!
72nd Scale
72 H08     Hougomont Garden Wall      $17.00    
72H09      Hougomont Tool Shed          $13.00   
72B08/1   Italian L3/33 Chassis w/ mg or 20mm      $13.00 72e25      German APC Equipment       $8.00      
72p05      German Pontoon Bridge        $23.00    

6 mil/ micro Scale
b23        Maginot Line   
b35        Dutch Anti Tank Bunker          $4.50
ja01      Medieval Castle w/ 7 Towers   $70.00
p17        Small Bridges (3)                     $7.00    
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