Ranger 2980 WX
Frequency Expansion

1)  Locate J28.
2)  Move jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3.
3)  Locate J4.
4)  Unplug this blue-black-white plug, and plug into J2.
5)  On the solder side of the main PCB, remove the 100 ohm resistor between pins 15 and 16 of IC5.

VR1  AM S-Meter
VR2   SSB/CW S-Meter
VR3   SSB Squelch Range
VR4   AM Squelch Range
VR5   FM Deviation
VR7   Carrier Balance
VR8   RF Transmit Meter
VR10   Final TX Bias Adjust
VR11   Driver TX Bias Adjust
VR12   SSB Power
VR13  AM High Power
VR14   Modulation
VR16  AM Low Power
VR20   Final TX Bias
VR21   Transmit Frequency Adjust
VR803   Power Range Adjust
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