Eagle Sidewinder 400
Channel Modifications

1)  Remove bottom cover that has the speaker on it.
2)  Locate the raised board on the right side of the radio. (front facing you)
3)  You'll see a jumper connecting pins 1 and 2.  Remove and place the jumper on 2 and 3.
(pic 1)
4)  Re-assemble the radio.

When you turn the radio on, it will be on 28.415 FM mode.  To get the extra channels, press the middle blank button.
(see pic 2) You'll notice the bands change as many times as you press the button.  Press the mode button to toggle between AM,FM,SSB.  The "LCR" button will be your 5+ and 5- offset.
RV4   AM/FM power
RV5   AMC control
RV6   ALC control
RV7   Transmit Meter adjustment
Pic 1
Pic 2
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