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Welcome to Butterfly Models, your one stop shop for custom painted Breyer horses.

 NEWS: Nicole of Butterfly Models is leaving and has built her own site. It is titled Mystic Models and is located on geocities as well. She painted all but the Bay Mare and Foal, Bay Stallion, the Zebra, and the Shadow twins. She also made all of the accessories except for the Stonewall. Her work is featured on her website as well. Her site is a member of the Custom Model Horse Webring.

We have two different levels of how we create and price our customs: specialized orders and standard orders.  What we mean by specialized order is a horse that we do not currently offer.  An example of this would be painting a horse in a particular pattern on a particular mold.  A standard is a pattern that we have already done.  Currently we specialize in Breyer Stablemates, but we will be adding larger Breyer horses to the list.  Further information can be gained on our pricing page.  For examples of our work and horses that you can order “as is”, go to our Gallery page.  The patterns on this page can be put on to other models.

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Butterfly Models was founded by Nicole Field and TJ Moynahan.  We both love to paint these horses.  To learn more click on our About Us page.


If you have any questions, please email us at Butterflymodels_info@yahoo.com and either TJ or Nikki will be happy to answer any questions.  To place an order please send an e-mail to butterfly_orders@yahoo.com


Thank you for visiting our site, Nikki and TJ


**This site is in no way connected to Breyer Reeves International; with the exception that we paint their horses.**



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