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Past Kittens
Littermate to "Einstein" and "Hello Kittie" is "Smokey", who is hard to get a snapshot of, but we are going to try again soon, so be patient and let's hope we can do a better job!  What you can't see hidden in all that lucious black coat are two huge, round copper eyes full of love and mischief.  We had originally made "Smokey" available as a pet to a loving home, but he and my husband, Scott (remember--the Pied Piper of Animals??) quickly forged a special bond where they both knew one couldn't do without the other, so we just filed "Smokey's" CFA registration papers and hope to soon introduce him as Kimia's Smoke There's Fire.  An official welcome to the family, "Smokey"--it's a better place with you in it.
This is our "Einstein", littermate to Hello Kittie and Smokey, now making his home with the Bartons in Charleston, SC. 
Moulin Rouge is now living with her new mommy, Cheri, in Atlanta, GA, and from what we hear, is being spoiled rotten, just as she should be!
Beija, which means "kisses" in Portuguese, is living in Florence, SC with her new meow-mom, Suzanne.
Tango, renamed so because he dances around, is currently living with his new Mom, Paula, in New Jersey, but will be relocating with her soon back to Myrtle Beach!  Thanks for the pic, Paula!
This is Miss Hello Kittie, now with the new name of "Penny", according to her happy new owner Jordan in Panama City Beach, Florida.
This is Gizzie Girl, formerly "Gizmo" when I mistakenly told her owners she was a boy!  She lives with the Wright family in Charleston, South Carolina, with their other three cats and one cat-friendly doggy.
This is Sassy, who is now living with my good friend Johnny and her other cat, Mojo, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
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