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My Babies
~ About Me ~
I'm 42, single, with 2 dogs, one of which has gone to heaven but forever with us. I've lived in the beautiful state of Washington since 1990.  Land of rain, volcanos, rain, earthquakes, rain, and many many slugs....ewwwwwww !

I grew up in Colorado, along with three Brothers, and three sisters... no WONDER I'm a loner !  By that clue, you should have guessed....catholic as well ( recovering, actually ) I can't even count the cousins, nieces, and nephews... sheeeeeeesh !

I've been unemployed for over a year now, it has been a blessing, but it's time to SNAP OUTTA IT!

I love to collect the Department 56 Dickens Village and North Pole Series...I'm thinking of joining the village idiots club...it would fit me to a tee ( sigh ). But mostly, I like being in charge of the village and the people. I decide EVERYTHING ( smile ).

Fun to me....is good company, great conversation, amd lots of humor. Btw:  Hugs ALWAYS returned !  The Hell with the jumping outta airplanes... and such.  I'd prefer to keep my ass on the seat or solid ground, ty very much ( grin ).

I'm part Italian / Irish / and Austrian..  I've been to Italy ( ah Bellissimo ).  I've also been to Scotland ( Leslie - strrrrrrong on the Scotish ) I have found that I ADORE the Scots! And that we Americans are such infants in our history and culture!
I also hope to go to Austria one day,  so many places, so little time, and so little money hahaha..

I've been in most of the Western and Mid-Western
U.S., my dad was in the Air Force, so it's time to see the Eastern part of the country.  I did get to see Naples, FLorida....very nice, though I found I was actually cringing from all the sun ( ut oh ! )

Anyway, thanks for dropping by to visit. Please leave me a message in my guestbook too ( smile )

I'll also be updating the pics in my photo album ( see link below ) from time to time, so please come back.
Leslie - 2002.
Me and my babies, Kodiak & Kiana....... for once MY tongue wasn't sticking out too..
My All time favorite kiddie pic....... DAMN !  is this cute or what ???
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