.......the 'fly-on-the-wall' version of a book about breast cancer.........

Announcing  the highly anticipated documentary of   

A Clinical Trial Participant’s Legacy

Titled: Behind the Pink Ribbon

by P. J. Toney

A “must read” for every person touched by this deadly disease 

..the chemo smelled like cherry kool aid, bitter sweet and red. .cold.. and then warm as I watched it disappear into my vein…

..a dirty gritty metal taste rose in the back of my throat, bile ,thick and warm, the room moved...my eyes stung.

I felt them roll into the back of my head…………...

I was flying in my mind, things circling round and round.. schedules, appointments and reddish color

naked men floated before me…..naked men????...what the….???.

‘.the wave of nausea was so intense…I couldn’t walk, only crawl to the toilet, I tried pulling myself up, I fell on the floor. I prayed, and cried to God to stop this madness! My belly felt hard and deep pain rolled around inside me. From the mirror I could see long narrow patches of skin were shedding from my body, leaving light spotted areas and crusty edges. I wondered where it was…but my mind just couldn’t focus. The smell of metal filled the air. From the mirror, I could see that my entire backside looked reptilian. With no body hair, I resembled a snake slithering on the bathroom floor. Bald, bloated and yellow shading all over.

……………… I couldn’t recognize me……

Read for the first time………..

the ACTUAL accounts, and see

Graphic Photographs !!!!!!!!!

the real stuff doctors don’t tell you !!

and things ‘nice girls’ don’t discuss.

Graphic Pictures, not intended for under 18.

A portion of the proceeds will go toward the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. And the Solomon Foundation, A non-profit organization dedicated to the Educational and Spiritual Empowerment of woman everywhere.!  I Kings 3:9

copyright © 2005

To place an order, send email to wedthree@yahoo.com. Book purchase price is $19.95 + $5.00 SH

Allow 4-6 weeks delivery. Personalized copies can be ordered for $29.95 + $5.00 SH.



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