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Ahhh, backpacking... This site is a collection of detailed travelogues and resources, offering specific ideas of what to expect if you are new to the hiking experience, or just a more detailed look at my perspective and experience of each hiking trail below.  Enjoy.

If you wish to make use of any of the photos in these travelogues, I ask that you first request my permission.

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The West Coast Trail 
Pacific Rim National Park, British Columbia
 July 2000  77km

Picture of West Coast Trail Complete

Coastal Hiking Trail
Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario
July 2001  60km

Picture of Pukaskwa Coastal Hiking TrailComplete

Berg Lake Trail
Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia
July 2001  46km (in & out)

Picture of Berg Lake Trail, Mt. Robson Complete
Chilkoot Trail
Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site, Alaska to BC
July/August 2002  53km
Picture of Chilkoot Trail Photos
in progress.
La Cloche Silhouette Trail
Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
July 2003  100km
Picture of La Cloche Silhouette Trail, Killarney Photos
in progress.
Fundy Footpath
Fundy Trail Parkway, New Brunswick
July 2004  42km (+8=50km)
Picture of Fundy Footpath Photos
in progress.


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