Brief Biography of Karen Cole



Executive Director

Rainbow Writing, Inc.  




I have been on the Internet since January of 2003 as a ghost writer, rewriter, copy editor and proof reader of book manuscripts, and I have performed many other types of freelance and contracted writing jobs. I have a self-determined degree in journalism, creative writing and the fine arts, and have been creating and editing books, documents and papers for people since well before 1980.


I have worked on or helped out with some 150+ books over my career, ghost writing, rewriting, copy editing and proof reading for book authors. I usually only take credit as the “editor” when I ghost write or copy edit for an author, and my/our fees are lower than industry standard rates for most ghost writers, rewriters, copy editors and proof readers.

Please visit our website at for more info about Rainbow Writing, Inc. We do reasonably priced copy writing, freelance writing, ghost writing, copy editing, proof reading and analysis of book manuscripts, memoirs and screenplays - and most other such writing services – at some highly affordable prices. We also offer book layout, cover art, indexing, formatting, relevant sites links exchanges, SEO advice, literary agent services, publishing referrals, and many other writing-related services such as book, video, TV, film and screenplay pitches, promotions, sales and marketing, as well as graphics and digital photography.

I have won awards for my journalism, poetry, short stories and articles. I am multiply published and have seen my clients’ novels, novellas, short stories and scripts published. I am currently working on “The Rainbow Horizon,” a humorous fiction novel set in Washington State. I have also contributed to national and international magazines and newspapers, as well as a multitude of online publications and services.


I am always on the lookout for new projects and first-time clients.






Executive Director of Rainbow Writing, Inc., Karen Cole writes. RWI at is a renowned affordable online professional copy writers, book authors, ghost writers, copy editors, proof readers, coauthors, rewriters, book cover creation, graphics and CAD, digital and other photography, publishing assistance and book and screenplay writers, editors, developers and paid analysts service. We also do presentation and pitch services for your book and/or screenplay ideas to major TV and film industry representatives.