The Hope for the Opposite Gender

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June 2001 Ultrasound


Baby Poll

Here's where we can have some fun. While we have SOME information (like the estimated Caesarean date), there is still much up for speculation. Take a moment and speculate with me!

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Here is the information on Joscelynne, for those who might want to use it for reference:

EDD: June 14, 1998
DOB: June 17, 1998
Length: 21 1/4"
Weight: 9lbs, 0 ozs
Gender: female
Using that and your gut instinct, predict the following:

  1. Length inches (fractions allowed!)
  2. Weight lbs, ozs
  3. Gender   Boy   Girl

Now, the EDD for this one is actually January 5, 2002; however, the Caesarean is scheduled for December 28. If for any reason you think I may go into labor earlier than December 28, put the date in the box below. If you think the scheduled date is good, leave this blank.

And, just for fun, suggest a name


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