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Pregnancy Journal

Here is where I will document the details of my pregnancy, from pre-conception up to labor (or scheduled C, depending upon the route my doctors wish to take!)

January 9, 2001   First day of cycle
January 23, 2001   Estimated ovulation date
February 5, 2001   First day of cycle
February 19, 2001   Estimated ovulation date
March 2, 2001   First day of cycle
March 16, 2001   Estimated ovulation date
March 30, 2001   First day of cycle

April 13, 2001   Estimated ovulation date
April 27, 2001   Due date of next cycle
April 29, 2001   Noted vertigo on HersheyPark rides that normally do not affect me.
May 2, 2001   HPT returns pink (+positive+) reading! Vertigo and slight queasiness continues.
May 4, 2001   Schedules first pre-natal appointment for following week. Doctors pass on ordering blood work (say my symptoms and HPT result are convincing.)
May 11, 2001   First pre-natal appointment. Given paperwork for comprehensive pre-natal bloodwork, which I promptly forget about.
May 13, 2001   Stopped taking iron-fortified pre-natal vitamins after sharp increase in nausea after two days' use.
May 15, 2001   Nausea lessens to tolerable queasiness.
May 26, 2001   Notice brown blood in discharge. Panic is followed by a call to the doctor. Must wait until Tuesday (Monday is a holiday) to be seen. Spent the weekend trying to remain calm.
May 29, 2001   Went for comprehensive bloodwork.
Exam went well. Need more bloodwork. Precautionary ultrasound scheduled for Friday.
May 30, 2001   Beta HCG and progesterone blood work done.
June 1, 2001   Precautionary ultrasound reveals fetal heart rate of 175. Blood results are normal. Bleeding is dismissed as "normal".
June 11, 2001   Second pre-natal appointment. Showing two pound weight loss (My altered diet is showing results, I'm eating healthier.) BP is 102/60. Fetal heart rate is 159.
July 9, 2001   Third pre-natal appointment. Showing three pound weight loss. BP is 110/60. Heart rate undetectable this time, which panicked me. To calm my nerves an ultrasound was done. I'll get that pic up shortly. Also began taking pre-natal vitamins again.
July 20, 2001  
August 7, 2001