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... and the members of the World Conflicts Documents Project, if they will think that your request is of collective interest, will write an article about the subject suggested by you or they will recover the documents or photos that you need. This initiative is not an unconditional supply of services from our group: if you want to receive help, you will have to collaborate somehow with us: you can write an article, furnish some original documents or photos in your possession or, more simply, signal, through a brief critique, an historical web site that you have seen and that has particularly impressed you. In change, we promise, for that that it is in our abilities, our help to resolve your problem.

ATTENTION: the requests done from people, who will not contribute to the World Conflicts Documents Project, will be kindly discarted. Since the amount of emails is growing every days, in this case there will not be a direct answer.

Before contacting us directly, verify to have exhausted all existing alternatives. You can check the traditional search engines, our links section and the historical newsgroups (for instance soc.history.war.world-war-ii or soc.history and other NGs of the same hierarchy) and if you will be still without answer you can send an e-mail to wcdproject@yahoo.com

Please, be clear in the description of the problem, pointing out the news or the material that you need, the related historical period and the motives for which you are seeking them. If your request is approved, you will be contacted by e-mail, therefore messages of help with false or not active e-mail address will be immediately excluded.

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