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Seen the increasing popularity of this section, two different formalities have been introduced for signalling a site to the World Conflicts Documents Project.

Formality Number 1: Simple

The easiest way in absolute. It is enough to send to the address wcdproject@yahoo.com an e-mail containing in the subject the wording SUBMISSION SITE. In the briefest possible time, the members of the World Conflicts Project will activate themselves to effect an objective critique and for the following insertion in the links section.

Formality Number 2: Special Partnership

Reserved to the Webmasters of personal or business sites . Contacting the direction of the World Conflicts Documents Project with an e-mail to wcdproject@yahoo.com and setting on your Home Page or in other special page the relative link, the site will be underlined in particular way as supporter of the project. If your site is characterized by a logo, it is possible to insert it, with previous agreement, in the World Conflicts Documents Project web site to the place of the simple link, provided that it is of analogous dimensions to that of our group. (max 120x60 pixels)

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