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Beginning of 20th Century

  • The Tired Emperor by Lucas Turks. The life of the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph who conducted the fates of the empire since 1848 until its nemesis during the First World War.
  • The Fall of the Conservatism by Francesco Riva The war in Crimea and its consequences on the reactionary politics of the strong continental Powers in Europe of XIX century.
  • The Anglo-Boer War by Francesco Riva. The conflict that upset the South Africa at the beginning of the 20th century, furnishing a test bench for the modern weapons that would have been subsequently used in World War 1.
  • Italy in the Great War. The motivations, the development and the consequences of the World War I in Italy.
  • The Battle of the Jutland by Simone Pelizza. The greatest maritime battle of World War 1.
  • Small Titans by Simone Pelizza. The first armored battle of the history during World War 1. The first clash among tanks happened on the western front in proximity of Villers Bretonneux among British and German units. The strength, the planning and the curiosities of the invention of this modern weapon.
  • Those Rash Men in the Flying Machines by Raul Larroque. The first steps of the World Military Aviations.
  • From the Ashes of an Empire. Mustafa Kemal, the man who changed the destiny of the Turkish people.
  • Brief Summary of Spanish Revolution . The role of General Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

World War 2

  • The Dawn of the Tragedy. Last hours before the Polish invasion.
  • The Invasion of Norway by Simone Pelizza. The Allied and German plans for the invasion of the Scandinavian nation during WW2.
  • Appointment with the History. Role and feats of General De Gaulle during World War II.
  • A Defeat transformed in Victory by Francesco Riva. The epic retreat from Dunkirk of the allied army under the pressure of the German armored divisions.
  • The illusions of the Duce by Simone Pelizza. The rash declaration of war against France and the “parallel war” conducted from Italy in the second world war. The loss of the colonial empire and the ruinous war of Greece.
  • The Infantry of The Air by Francesco Riva. The life of the general German Kurt Student and his work for the constitution and the war use of a paratroopers' Corp.
  • Yellow Tide. The Japanese dream to conquer Asian Continent.
  • The D-Day by Francesco Riva and Lucas Turks. The democracies full of chatters, as Hitler had defined them, completed an adventure to the limit of the unbelievable: they organize an invasion that never in precedence, neither after that moment, employed so many men with an only purpose: to free Europe. The invasion of Normandy seen with the eyes of the Germans and the Allies.
  • The secret weapons of the Luftwaffe by Lucas Turks During World War II the German scientists created weapons among the most advanced ones seen until that moment. Unfortunately for them, it was too late in order to avoid the German defeat.
  • The Last Roar . Which dangers for the allies were hidden into the offensive of the Ardennes and what did Germany expect from it?
  • The World enters the Nuclear Era by Antonino Spoto. Planning, use and consequences of the first atomic bombs.
  • An Unlucky Legend by Raul Larroque. Planning and operational life of the German airplane Messerschnitt Bf 109.

Contemporary Period

  • The 1948 Italian Elections by Simone Pelizza. The first elections of the Italian Republic between desires and dangers.
  • The Korean War. The American answer to the first communist menace in Far East.
  • The Star of Nasser by Simone Pelizza. Utopia of the realization of a PanArab and PanIslamic Nation in the Egypt of Nasser.
  • Indipendence of Indonesia by Simone Pelizza. The difficult life towards indipendence and democracy of the florid republic of the Asian South-East.
  • A Woman and the Power by Lucas Turks. Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi, née Nehru, knew how to raise the Indian subcontinent to the role of great power, governing the most populous democracy of the world in the most difficult period of its history: that of the development.
  • The sixties in the United States by Giuseppe Lojacono.
    Social crisis and racial revolt in the U.S.A. The attempt of demolition of the traditional culture and the institutions gone out of the second world war.
  • Israel and the Yom Kippur Conflict. The Arab-Israeli war called of the Yom Kippur.
  • Red Horror. Modern History of Cambodia. King Sihanouk and the Red Khmers in the difficult life of the Asian state.
  • Holocaust of an Ideology by Lucas Turks. The decadence of the Soviet empire and the perspectives of the nations of the former oriental block.


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