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We have to apologize to you for the scarce quality of our English. A lot of parts of the text have been translated by a computer application and therefore they can present some errors. Not all the sections have been translated.

The World Conflicts Documents Project was born from a simple and at the same time scheming idea of Lucas Turks in January 1998. He had intention to let hear his presence on the Net of the Nets, but instead that with a personal Home Page that would have meant well little for whomever, he preferred to create something of slightly alternative. Don't misinterpret us, nothing to do with certain underground environments (in every case we beware well of despising them), it is only a site that dealt with history. You will wonder why it would ever be had to waste time to write and accordingly, for that that it concerns you, to read a publication that entirely speaks about history.

An answer can be found describing the three navigator’s types to whom this site could interest. It is addressed firstly to students. Since when we attend school, the historical subjects were among the less studied ones. The World Conflicts Documents Project is a simple mean to reach them and trying to teach some important arguments that, generally, aren’t so complete in the school books. Graduates compose the second category that we want to attract.We haven’t conceit to teaching them anything, but it could be possible to give help. The links section has been created for them. It’s a good way to begin a bibliographical research on line. Last category contains everybody else.

Illustrated in this way the limited target of possible visitors, we would now like to clarify some important legal aspects about the publication. Premising that we are not a professional publisher, we have to add that we have not any profit from what we do, rather we would say that we lose money, not only in terms of time used for the editing of the Web site, but also for that that it concerns the telephone bill. Every written article has at the foot, the texts used in general for the quotation and the documentation with the relative authors. You should have the good taste to quote them if you will make use, in any way, of the texts. In fact, apart from copyright that very often belong to societies and that, according to us, would not have to hinder the use of books for free purposes, it remains always to protect the intellectual ownership that constitutes greatest good of whom is devoted to the humanistic and scientific popularization. You can be private of the economic fruits of a literary work, but never and never of his/her paternity (or maternity!).

Well, we have said everything. You can now return, if it pleases you, to the exploration of the site.

Note: This site is not subject to the duties contained in the law # 47 of the 2/8/1948 of the Italian Republic, because it's published entirely on-line, without printed correspondent and without purpose of profit. Neither to law March 7 2001 # 62, because the site is entirely hosted and mantained ouside Italy.

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