The Wall
  The wall between church and state is an issue of much debate.  Some would have us believe that ours is a nation built upon Christianity for Christians.  This is a lie.  Religion and politics should have never been introduced.  To have a nation run by both a government and religion is tantamount to having a pack of wolves with two alphas.  It will, in the end, result in disaster.  As did the wall, we'll begine with the founding fathers.  If you know of a good site that should be listed here, lemme know about it.
America - Not a Christian Nation! - Provides quotes from our founding fathers as evidence that they did not intend for this to be a "Christian Nation."  Related links are also made available.

The Founding Fathers Were NOT Christian - Similar to above.  Provides quotes from the founding fathers as evidence that they were not Christian.  This site also gives information about God on our money and in the pledge. Various links are provided at the bottom, including a link to the site listed just before this one.

Notes on the Founding Fathers and the Separation of Church and State - A very informative article explaining that our Founding Fathers were not establishing a Christian Nation on the principles of Christianity.

Christian Revisionism - Very extensive articles that discuss common quote which are abused by Christians.  It also debunks some very popular quotes that are totally lies, our Founding Fathers never said them.  It's a must read.

Jefferson On Wall of Separation - The well known letters between the Danbury Baptist Association and Jefferson.  Jefferson explains that there is a wal of separation between church and state.

Separation of Church and State Home Page - A must read.  Provides answers to the religious right, an argument for the separation of church/state, misquoting the Founding Fathers, provides a case against school vouchers government and sponsored prayers, and much more.  It's a great site.

On Separation of Church and State - Very short essay on the wall between chruch and state.

First Ammendmetn Commentary - An interesting commentary.  Speculates how things would be without the separation of church and state. 
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