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aww, thanks
Yeah-yeah, so this isn't technically the kind of nice mail I hope to be getting in here.  This is an acceptance letter I got from a webring master, I thought it was quite nice.  I thought I'd stick it in here.

Subj: Approval to join The Ring of Cynical Atheists   Date: 6/7/2002 1:24:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Dear Fauven,

Thanks for joining The Ring of Cynical Atheists! It's really good to have you aboard, and I can't wait to see your hate mail section up and running.

Over here in England, where there is no separation of church and state, the religious are becoming a significant minority. The downturn has been taking place since the start of the industrial revolution. However, I see that in America, religion is becoming a major force. It is folks like you who will in the future make the difference. I am trying to do my bit over here, so please don't stop over there.

All the best

Martin J Burn - an English atheist

PS You really ought to stop your son from squashing your conkers!
[Martin, I couldn't agree more.  He's only four, but he can cause a lot of pain.]

Subj: Site Contact
Date: 6/23/2002

I love your site. It's one of the best! I just became an atheist not too long ago and I love learning more about the flaws of the bible. Somebody asked you this stupid question, "If there's no God then who created us". My answer to that is, "If somebody created us then who created that somebody, right"? That means, if this "God" just got created all by himself then why couldn't the universe have been created all by itself as well? I found out about you from If you would like to read about my teachings check my diary at the Spirituality and Paranormal circle by the name of Ginn. Thank you. Keep up the good work. ~Ginn~
I'm glad my site is helpful to at least one person:

Subject:  Site Contact
Date: 10/3/2002
sachin is my name,
i would like to thank you because you have really helped me, it is great to know
the arguments for and against religion, it alo makes you feel better. i think
its great having as big of a site as you have and thank you again.

I'm always glad to see a friendly theist.
Hi, this is
::opiate:: from the FOD.  I love your website...I'm not really atheist, but I still have to admit that most of your points are valid, and it's good to see an organized sight with actual information and proof for others out there to learn from...keep up the great work.  it's much appreciated.

A reader I sent the URL to this site to from AOL

Subj: to add to yer Nice mail 
Date: 6/19/2002 6:26:15 PM Eastern Daylight Time

just wanted to extend a thank you:

       I'm an emcee, and I pride myself on being as informed as I can about as much as possible. The site is amazing, I havent gotten through everything yet, im sure it will take me a while. I STILL havent figured out how much on the Athiest side of agnosticism I am...but I guess it doesnt matter, reading this stuff educates and at least inspires. Thanks again for the intelligence and the information, and I hope you and your family stays heallthy and happy.


Another nice comment.  I'm a little confused about hating a god that doesn't exist, but hey, that's my point of view.

Subj: Site Contact
Date: 6/21/2002

hey great website you did a very good job and i can tell my freind about she starting to hate god and all that church stuff. by the way your son is cute =). my freind is  [like] you what you went threw but she had 2 kids and the daddy well never married her and all that stuff. her kids thinks she crazy and her mom well hates her guts. but anways enough about that just a really good job on the web site. keep up the good work

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