Jesus: The Pretend Christ
  Personally, I don't think Jesus ever existed.  Maybe some guy existed that a popular myth was attached to, but that doesn't mean anything for the myth found in the Christian Bible.  The Jesus story found in the Bible is mythical.  Not all links will refelct that view, but it's my opinion.
God-Men Like Jesus - The life of Jesus isn't original to Jesus.  Learn of other god-men who share characteristics with Jesus.

MENU: Are Verses Missing From the Gospel of Mark?
- Discusses possible missing verses in the Gospel of Mark.  This link takes you to a menu page, with a few short paragraphs about the Gospel of Mark and the menu links near the bottom.

Jesus Was a False Prop
het - A short and simple demonstration of how, Biblically, Jesus couldn't have been a prophet.

The Lowdown on God's Showd
own - A somewhat lengthy explanation as to why the Christians are wasting their time looking up at tky sky for Jesus every time a storm comes or a jet smashes into a building or something.  Jesus isn't coming.

The Second Coming: Another Failed Prom
ise - Jesus still isn't coming.  Shows where Jesus promised he'd return and proves that the promise was borken.

Genealogies of Jesus
(1) - Examines the connection between Jesus and King David.

Genealogies of Jesus
(2) - Examines the genealogy of Jesus given in Matthew.

Genealogies of Jesus
(3) - Examines the genealogy of Jesus given in Luke, the problems, and Christian excuses.

Jesus Genealogy
- Someone might find it useful.  It isn't the same as the above  three links, this one is much more boring.

Historical Jesus or Jesus Myth: The Jesus Puzzle
- You have to scroll down some to get to the goods, but it's worth the sifting and reading.

The Crucifixion - the rather wobbly keystone of Christian
ity -
Discusses the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus and why the author thinks they're "wobbly."

Why I don't Buy the Resurrection St
ory - This is a great essay.  It's been a while since I read it, so I can't remember much.  I do remember that it was nice and LONG and full of good stuff.  It's another one of those things that should be shared with a Christian friend.

The Origins of Christianity & the Quest for the Historical Jesus Chr
ist - It is what it says, my friend.

Did Jesus Really Li
ve? - Examines whether or not Jesus historically existed.

Did Jesus Exist -- The Probing M
ind - Another essay discussing the existence of Jesus.

Antiquity of the Christian Doctr
ine - Discusses the existence of Christian doctrine before Christianity.

Christ a Fiction (19
97) - Author gives different reasons why we can conclude that Jesus is fictional.

The Truth About Jesus Is He A Myt
h? - This is a long one, but well worth the time it takes to read it.  Jesus is a myth, and this is yet another fine article slamming the door on that mythical man.

The Great Myth of the SUN-GODS - A very thorough and lengthy read discussing the sun-god orgin of Jesus. *Temporarily unavailable

Refuting Missionar
ies - A lengthy read that debunks Jesus, from a Jewish perspective.  It's a great read, the option to download it is available. (There are a lot of typos in this, not from me or the author.

Strobel's The Case For Christ, an examination - Every now and then a Christian will tell me that I need to read Strobel's book: The Case For Christ.  I direct them to this site, which is a list of great excerpts from a book that does a wonderful job debunking Strobel's case for Jesus.  It's a great read.  Keep it handy as a place to direct your Jesus-believing buddies.

The Christ
- This is the table of contents of an online reading that debunks Christ.  If you don't want to take the time to read the whole thing, read the first chapater (print it if you have to).  I'll provide a link to the first chapter below.
- Christ's Real Existence Impossible - This is Chapter One of the online book The Christ linked to above.  It's a fabulous read.

Was Jesus Man or Myth? - Myth, of course!  This is a very short, yet educating article.  Copy it onto your HD or keep this site handy, it's short enough that even a Christian will take the time to read it.  Unless it (the Christian) is the kind that refuses to even look at anything that contradicts what it believes.
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