Hate Mail
gotta love it when they bite back
I was saving a lot of hate mail to add here, but lost it when I deleted all of my old mail (idiota).  I'm hoping to get some more within the next few months that are funny enough to put on my site.
This woman who is apparently filled with a ghost, seems to think that I'm in danger of Hell.  I told her that I've read three versions of the Bible, proving her wrong in her assertion that if I read the Bible I will see that there is some truth.  As far as I'm concerned, reading the Bible promotes atheism.  It's a very powerful argument against biblegod.  This isn't really hate mail, but it does threaten me with hell.

Date: 6/17/2002 9:32:55 PM Eastern Daylight

i am a holyghost filled women of god and i am here to tell you that if you will read the entire bible and live by it you would change your mind.  you can't really believe that the world made itself.  if you can believe that then why can't you believe in god?  is it because you have not seen him?  blessed are they that believe that which they have not seen.  the reason that
there are so many different churches is because not everyone preaches the whole truth.  they preach the parts that will fit there lifesyle.  god is not the author of confusion.  i pray that  your mind will be changed.  because whether you believe in satan or not if you are not one of the elect saints of god you will go to hell.  please read acts2 :38 because hell is really hot and eternity is really long.
So, the devil has implanted himself in me, eh?  I was wondering what that smell is.

Date: 6/18/2002 7:40:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Ur HlGHness420@aol.com

well there's that whole free will thing, I understand where you are coming from and I'm not a christian so to speak I believe in God and his son which was his soul in a human shell anyhow but the devil does plan attacks and implants himself in someone like you. Where you think this earth came from?[eh, space debris and physics - nature?] God.....everything is of God even your naive soul God bless ya! I will pray for U.
This friendly theist was kind enough to encourage thoughtfulness regarding my death in Hell. 

Subj: Site Contact 
Date: 6/28/2002 6:26:21 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: fsdf@asd.com  [False E-mail address.  He/She/It is too doesn't have the balls to reveal him/her/it - self.]

You will die in hell... Think about that tonight
Unfortunately, I lost several hundred hate-mails that I was sent between 6/28/02 and today, 8/09/03.  This is because I was getting so many E-mails, I got lazy and just started putting them in folders to tend to later.  Unfortunately, I either deleted them or Hotmail deleted it for me.  That goes for all of my E-mail.  I had a rather large number of E-mails saved that I wanted to share, both good and bad, that have been lost.  The hate-mail seems to have died down a bit, but I got this one recently and just had to share it.

Date: 8/08/2003
From: Anonymous (chicken shit)

Mr. Atheist:

When I read your site I am sickened by your bitterness and unsensored hatred.  All you damned atheist think you know it all don't you?  Well I got news for you: you don't!

If you don't accept Jesus in your heart now/today/this minute you'll be facing eternal punishment.  You know in your heart God and Jesus are real.  We all feel it deep inside and cant deny it unless we tell a lie.  That's right you're lying and sinning each time you say there isn't a God.  I can't help wondering how good life would be in our wonderful country if you atheists didn't infultrate the government and take away the great Christian nation that our founding fathers gave us.  You people have killed this country you know that!  Do you think God let 9/11 happen because of all the good Christians?  My friend, you and I both know deep down why 9/11 happened.  Atheists and queers and witches are turning this whole country against God, and God tried to show you some of the things to come.  9/11 was a glimpse into the future.  Think!  It is so obvious!  What is life like over there in Iraq and all those other countries over there?  Terrible that's what it's like!  Know why?  Because they reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!  You KNOW this and I know you know it.  We all know it but we can't say it because it isn't politically correct--one of the worst atheist liberal inventions ever. Politically correct.

What about God and morals and the Ten Commandments?  Do you want to live a life like those lost souls in those other countries?  Find Jesus, if you don't youll suffer and always regret it.

I don't even want to know how much you hate yourself and your life because you're an atheist.  Life must be so pointless to you.  I bet you amke your family miserible.  That's another thing.  I read your rant diary thing and I'll tell you what: that premature baby you got?  I want you to know you did it.  You almost killed your own baby because you reject the One True God!  The sins of the father will fall unto his flower I tell you that much!  How does that make you feel to know that because you hate God that you caused this tragedy in your family?  If you still have a little spark of Jesus you should feel bad right now.  If not it might be too late for you becaue the Devil has eaten your heart to peaces. 

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