These are links concerning God.  Most, if not all, will have to do with the Christian concept of "God," as this is the most popular concept of what God is in American society.  The Christian concept of God is illogical and incoherent, be sure to check out my essay "Is the Christian God Logical?" below to see why I say this.

Does Free Will Vindicate God (Yahweh)? - A short essay I wrote explaining why, if the Christian god were real, the pain and suffering (result of the first sin) is all God's fault.

Is the Christian God Logical? - An on-site essay that I wrote examining the Christian concept of what their god is, and how it is logically impossible.

Can We Really Know What "God" Means? - An essay I wrote examining the validity of the methods used to assign "God" attributes.

E=mc˛ Disproves Bible God
- Short and simple, uses the relativity to debunk the God found in the Christian Bible.
Does the Biblegod Exist? - Explains why that certain god named Yahweh cannot exist.  It isn't a long read, it's a good intro argument.  A nice place to start or to send to a Christian friend you know won't read a long article debunking his/her god.

---series of essays---

Biblegod The Good - Discusses the "goodness" of the Biblical god.
Biblegod The Good: Part Deux - More on that good fellow the Christians would have us all worship.
Biblegod the Good And Amalek - This god is beginning to look like he's not such a good fellow, after all.
Biblegod The Good And Eternal Torment - Do I need to say anything about all of these?  They're all part of the same series.  They're good, if you have the time, read all of them.
Biblegod The Good And His Chosen People -
Biblegod The Good And His Love of Children - If you skip some, be sure to read this one.
Biblegod The Good And Human Sacrifice -
Biblegod The Good And Mercy -
Biblegod The Good And Slavery - Gives a lot of well known examples, but things like this are always a gem to have handy.

---end of series---

Pagan Gods Copied From Christianity? - I found this on the same page as the essays I gave above.  It's an interesting read that discusses Christian responses to pagan gods that resemble Jesus.

Morality ... Bible God Style - Again, this is from the same site as above.  I hate doing that, but this one is nice.  It can come in handy when trying to prove to some confused fundy that morals do not come from the Bible or any gods.

The Errancy of Fundamentalism Disproves the God of the Bible - Shows how the flaws of fundamentalism prove fatal to the Biblical god.

Playing the Odds - Farrel Till on Pascal's Wager.

The Christian god - The page itself is boring, text on a white background.  It isn't an incredibly long read, go ahead and check it out.  It basically points out and discusses a few problems with the Biblical account of god.

What Is God Like? - It's nothing that will cause someone to doubt their faith, but it's a fun.  I found a few things a little funny.  It takes examples from the Bible to portray the Biblical god as a sick rude guy.  Kinda like a cosmic Homer Simpson.

Proofs For And Against The Existence of God - It's a short page that gives a few weak arguments for and against the existence of a god.  I thought I'd throw it in for those novice debaters.  By no means will you find anything to win a serious debate here, but it'll start you off with a counter to some weak arguments novice apologists often try to throw at us.

The Case Against God: Science and the Falsifiability Question in Theology - It's so boring it seems much longer than it really is.  On the other hand, it does ask some good questions regarding the role of science and god.  It's an interesting read, check it out on a rainy day.

The Case Against God Sequel, by George H. Smith - It isn't the same as the book Athesim: The Case Against God, so don't wet your pants.  This discusses god and a few other Christian elements with a humorous twist.
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