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    I've found myself--at times--wishing to respond to something I've read in an entry submitted to my guestbook.  As a result, I've decided to add a page to my site dedicated to responding to certain entries that catch my eye.  I'll most likely be caustic in some of my comments, don't take this as me hating or relishing the moment to trash or bash someone.  I do this for several reasons:  humor, returning the unfriendly tone to the entry author, or to show the author to which I am responding how it is.  I don't know all the reasons I'll do it, I just know that it isn't a reflection of how I actually feel about the individuals to which I am responding.  This is the only page of my site that I will use this tone (for the most part), and I make an effort in most other situations to respond to someone in a friendly and respectful manner.  Bashing will accomplish nothing at all, but it can provide for some interesting humor--and this will be the main reason I may seem rude.  It's sometimes funny to see someone get what they give.

Posted On: October 15, 2003 05:46:32 AM

Name: Ben
Email: @wvsc
Found site by: school
Comments: i saw you doing somthing to this site at library and you left it open when you left. this is a free country and that means that christians have a right to worship and believe what we want. why do you want to take that away from us! if you dont beleive in god just shut up and wait for hell like the pagans and wiches. freedom of religion does not mean freedom of atheism. this is america and america is a christian country and you need to accept it. i dont want to eve rsee you leave this sit eopen at my school again or ill contact yahoo and have it killed. no go to hell and leave my country and my god alone. i know what you look like so watch out
Obviously you've seen me and know what I look like, but you have no authority over what I do and don't do on the computers on campus.  I doubt you'll have any luck getting my site terminated, many have tried before you.  At any rate, if you're going to put an entry like this in my guest book you need to reach into your purse and pull out your balls, after doing that give me an E-mail so I can get back with the shit who threatens me.  You see, it's one thing to threaten me.  I've had many, many threats.  A great deal of you shits are, well, full of shit.  That's why you make the threats.  However, you actually know who I am, unlike 99% of all others who have threatened me, so I DO see you has a possible threat.  Having said that, if you're trying to imply that you're going to or may attempt to beat my ass or something when you tell me to "watch out," I'd like to invite you to an ass beating.  Feel free to start shit with me any time you see me on campus. 

Posted On: September 24, 2003 05:27:14 AM

Name: Timothy Haas
Email: inthenameof jesus@changeyourself.com
Found site by: google.com
Comments: you will raught in hell if you dont change your way'
Mr. Haas,

Whatever you do in life, let someone else teach your children to read and write.

Posted On: September 14, 2003 05:34:54 AM

Name: William Lasley
Email: pulsar8472@hotmail.com
My site:
Found site by: surfing
Comments: Humanities Business should be accelerating Cultural Evolutio


Posted On: August 22, 2003 08:37:28 AM

Email: mikewallace@hotmail.com
Found site by: aol search
Comments: Once upon a time we could kill the evil like you in the world to make this world a better place. Now with all this political correctness and freedom from religion invention and all the rest, look at what has happened. I can't even get on the web with out my God being viciously attacked by some satanic athiest. Days will return when the blood of your kind will smear the blades of the righteous. When they do I hope me and you come across each other. Believe me I will warm my hands in your quivering guts.

Mr. Wallace, I doubt not that you'd like to warm your hands with my quivering guts, but are you sure it's something you want to give me in writing?  I'll be honest with you; I think you're a repeat offender.  By that, I think you're someone who hates my site and me, so you have left more than one nasty message in the guest book.  Whether or not this is true, I don't know.  I just know that every now and then I get an entry that is particularly vicious, and I find it hard to believe that there are so many Christians of your sort visiting my site and taking the time to leave a message.  I'm sorry that you and your type can no longer kill the likes of me without having to suffer some legal ramifications; it keeps me awake at night to know that somewhere out there, a man named Mike Wallace is suffering because he can't freely kill people who donít believe what he believes.  Actually, it doesn't keep me awake.  You should be euthanized

Posted On: July 31, 2003 08:24:54

Name: Lorrin
Email: lorzmilla16@hotmail.com
Comments: Christians are firm in our beliefs. Making a website about what you believe to be true isn't going to sway us. Being unsaved, you wouldn't understand what do. However, I and many others are praying for you, God loves even y
ou. =D
Lorrin, if you'd take the time to actually read either the FAQ or glance at the home page of this site, you'd see that this site isn't an attempt to sway you or anyone else from anything.  Being unsaved, I wouldn't understand what do?  I'm afraid the sentence "Being unsaved, you wouldn't understand what do." makes no sense--kinda like your religion, as I see it. 

   Posted On: July 13, 2003 06:23:
52 PM

Name: Dickie
Email: thesportsdick@email.com
Found site by: Looking for info on the apocryphal on google. Got your site.
Comments: Dear Sir, I'm a Christian and I just wanted to put it to you this way. Suppose your right, and there is no living Jesus, Heaven, Hell etc. What do I have to lose by leaving a Christian life? If your right about what will happen after death, then you and I will both end up the same. I have nothing to lose. Well suppose I'm right and your wrong and there really is a Heaven and Hell as described in the Bible? You've got a whole lot more to lose tha
n I do.
Dickie, what if you're wrong and Buddhists are right? Oh!  What if you're both wrong and Muslims are right?  What if almost everyone is wrong, and some little forty person tribe in Africa is right?  See my point?  I'd like to direct you to a response I gave to a form of Pascal's Wager (what you just said to me) some tim
e ago.  Click here to read.

Posted On: June 27, 2003 09:31:
12 PM

Name: wrot
Email: fu@fu.fu
Found site by: google
Comments: i hope you die and wrot in hell you sick bastard.
theres a reason GOD hates athiests and YOU ARE IT!
i hate you you fucking god hater
die and wrot in hell whre you belong. ill be spitting on you fr
Wrot, there is a durg called Zyprexa, it's an antipsychotic, I think it may be able to help you.  Don't let the fact that it is an antipsychotic keep you from checking into it, I honestly believe you're a candidate for this drug.  It may help you and it might even make the voices go

  Posted On: May 20, 2003 02:41
:04 AM

Name: not impotent
Email: none
My site: aol
Found site by: disliked it
Comments: pray for dilone he got hit by
a car
Not Important, who is Dilone?  I don't pray, but I hope for the

Posted On: May 12, 2003 02:
07:48 PM

Name: Ken Hudson
Email: atheist_tas@yahoo.com.au
Found site by: surfing for foxhole story.
Comments: My father served in the infantry in action WW1. My brother, sister and self served in action WW2. Lost two uncles in Royal Navy WW2.All were atheist as were most servicemen I knew. In moments of severe stress some poor comrades do become irrational and mutter words calling for help, sometimes from a mother or other source that is not available--a god etc. If they survive the moment they feel ahamed that their mind could deceive them so. Few people I have spoken to who saw action (as a non-believer) ever lost complete control of their senses and believed a god would extract them from their predicament. I have met many veterans who became atheist after their war ex
Mr. Hudson, I do volunteer work at a senior center.  I've encountered a few atheists there, some of which served and faced death daily while never turning toward the heavens for a magical savior and some of which became atheists while there.  Oddly enough, all of them pray (one actually leads the group in prayer) when the seniors have prayer before they eat lunch.  I'm not sure why, I haven't talked to them much, but they all made it known to me that they were closet atheists and didn't want their friends to know.  I know that the one who leads the seniors in prayer actually goes to church every Sunday.  I'm not sure I agree with this type of thing, but I understand that they wish to avoid the negative reactions by their Christian friends if they (the non-atheist seniors) knew of their (the men I know)

Posted On: March 30, 2003 06:0
2:14 PM

Name: Ron
Email: getsavedorburn@messagesfromgod.getsaved
Found site by: google.com
Comments: Get saved ye fiend or burn the eternal death of all the nonsaved. Repent and get thee behind me Satan! I pray the Lord will smite you and your web sight off the internet and abolish this country of your kind. "Only a fool sayeth in his heart there is no God"- God. God himself said it my friend. You are a fool and will perish the perish of fools. Yu will be found in hell with Hitler, Saddam Heusein, Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, and Fidel Castro and all other men of the earth and hell and Lucifer, your god. Only then it will be too late. Get saved vote republican go to church denoucne your athiesm turn your back on the world and Satan and love God and above all else on this planet and give in to God's will. Accept Jesus in your heart brother, or he will be forced to punish you will eternal hellfire. All children must be punished or they will never learn. You will larn only it will be too late. GIve in to God or go to hell it is your choice my friend. I pray the lord will guide you to the most logical choice. It may be the on.ly cha
nce you got.
Ron, you had me totally convinced there was a god up until the point where you said, "All children must be punished or they will never learn."  Indeed!  I use grounding, time out, and taking away toys/tv time/snacks as a means to punish.  Do you have children?  Would you ever punish your children, whom you would love, with eternal punishment (hell fire at that!) over a finite boo-boo?  I wouldn't.  Your god, Ron, is a very, very bad parent.  If he lived in my state he'd lose all six billion of his kids to the state and be put in prison, do you realize this?  Your entry is one of my favorite, I only wish you would've given me an E-mail address.  Why are the best posters too chicken shit to give me their E-mail addresses?  If you're gonna say it, at least have the balls to allow a response

Posted On: March 01, 2003 07
:05:30 AM

Name: bob
Email: ministryofdreams@yahoo.com
My site: http://www.ministryofdreams.freeservers.com
Comments: God has showed me many things in visions like the upcoming iraq war will be n
Bob, I bet you're pretty ticked off at God for lying to you about that whole nuclear war thing, huh?  Of course, any number of years from now if a nuclear war ever breaks out in that part of the world (with folks like Bush running around it is almost impossible to avoid, wouldn't you thinkg?) I'm sure you'd swear up and down that it was a fulfilled prophecy, no?  Lemme see if I can get a vision . . . yup, I got one.  This one is from Shiva, it turns out that a serial killer will kill a lot of people sometime in the future and it will make national news.  I'm sure you realize that if Shiva's prophecy comes to pass that Shiva must exist . . . ri

Posted On: February 25, 2003 07
:36:24 PM

Email: goduponyou@repent.com
Found site by: google
Comments: People like you make me sick! You damn athiests and other communists need to get out of our country and probably go get killed. I bet if it wasnt for damn politics our God loving President would even make you leave and join the axis of evil so we can bomb you to kingdom come! You KNOW there is a God. You and all other socialist communist athiests needs to stop pretending. Americans are getting tired of you. Your just a bunch of Sadam Heusein suppo
Like so many before you, you are afraid to give any identification or any way for me to contact you.  It's okay, it just leaves more time for me to dedicate to my secrete agenda to advance Communism in the United States and to the support of dictators abroad.  But first, I must get with the Secret Society of Atheists for Communism and Dictators--I must tell the others that you know our secret.  We will fin
d you.

Posted On: February 21, 2003 01:06:03

Name: KoldKadavr
Email: on URL
My site: http://www.reddINK.com
Found site by: surfin'
Comments: Being head-injured, coma almost 3 weeks, I found out: We have this Teeny-Weeny-Lifetime to prepare for Utopia; Declarations can never fully exclaim how extraordinary and far-superior Heaven is to anything we sinful mortals possess in our Finite Existence (I know. I was Upstairs - TWICE). Smell the coffee, America! Wake-UP!!! Sign the GB, too. God Ble
ss You
KoldKadavr, after visiting your site I confirmed my assumption that you are a Christian.  I have a question: how did you get to Heaven (twice, mind you) before a judgement process to decide whether or not you are worthy of Heaven or to be condemned to eternal hell and suff

Posted On: February 08,
2003 05:16:57 PM

Name: Tony
Email: ynototr@aol.com
Comments: Dude, let's think about this. Believe in Christ. Put your faith in him. Repent your sins. When you die, and if there is nothing, let your last memory be. "See? I told you, didn't I! Yeah I did." But If for some reason you find yourself with God, living eternal life with a sense of peace and love that can not be measured my man, then there you have it. It's a win win proposition. You can't lose. Wha
t do you think?
Tony, dude, I won't possibly be able to think "See? I told you, didn't I!" if there is nothing, as I won't exist to experience nothingness to know that I was right.  Also, I want to point at that just because a person doesn't believe in gods doesn't mean he or she doesn't believe in an afterlife.  Not believing in an afterlife is certainly common amongst atheists, but it is not a requirement and is not true for all atheists.  Your reasoning behind it being a good idea to believe is faulty, incredibly so.  I've already addressed this issue in an E-mail sent to me.  You're invited to read my response, it is applicable to your entry.
Click here to read my response.
Posted On: January
27, 2003 09:07:59 AM

Name: Christine
Email: MarnieNo1@aol.com
Comments: Christianity is wonderful! Without God and Jesus how depressing ever ything woud be. Any one who listens to some one like Michael Crawford sing migh tjust become a believer I sure did. That man's got a God given voice if their ever wa sone.
Christine, are you really telling me that you became a believer because you listened to Michael Crawford sing?  Really?  I'm a afraid there may be no help
for you . . . ever. 

Posted On: June
26, 2002 09:19:08 AM

Name: Tim
Email: youwish@toknow.com
Comments: this is a horrible terrible evil site. People you are going to, deserve to, and will burn in hell forever. God does not have time for atheists he is too busy loving those of us who are smart enough to believe. It is obvious that god is there, where do you think the BIBLE came from? Hello?! Think abo
ut it.
Tim, as Suckmyass below, you have opted to keep your E-mail address anonymous.  It's interesting that so many theists are eager to post on my guestbook or send me an E-mail with a rather insulting, rude, and anti-Christian message.  To your entry, I have very little to say other than: keep up that Christian spirit.  You give my site
purpose.  Thank you.

Posted On: June 1
1, 2002 10:32:42 PM

Name: I cannot believe you
Email: suckmyass@asshole.com
Comments: i cannot believe you woudl get on the world wide internet and spred this bull shit that god don't exist! you KNOW for a fact that he does, the bible says he does, duh! you are a moran. all athiests know the truth, you just want to rebel. go ask any pas
tor he will tell you.
Mr. Suckmyass (from asshole.com), Though I find your reasoning for the existence of a god ("the bible says he does, duh!") to be impenetrable, I remain unconvinced.  Perhaps this is because I'm an atheist and am blind to the truths of your perfect proof, as we atheists tend to be blinded from the truth of what you believe.  Also, being the atheist that I am, I do not know that your god or any other gods exist, nor do I secretly believe that any exist in some forgotten crevice of my mind.  I don't believe there are any gods, period.  If someone tells me what his or her god is, then I can decide whether or not it is something I should believe to exist.  Since you mention the Bible as a proof for your god, I assume you're a Christian.  Since your god is described in the Bible, I have something by which to determine whether or not that god is believable.  Mr. Suckmyass, I've examined your god and found it to be a ridiculous concept that cannot possible exist.  I do not believe your god exists; I'm positive that it does not.  Your god, Mr. suckmyass, is nothing.
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