religious debates.  Hopefully it will also serve as an area for learning for both atheists and non-atheists alike. Instead of giving only my own thoughts, I've linked to several of my favorite sites.
*Note: Just because I have a link to it, doesn't mean I agree 100% with what it has to say.
Atheism vs. Agnosticism: The difference between the two - Explains difference between atheism and agnosticism and how they relate to one another

In Pakistan, Rape Victims are the 'Criminals' - and punished by death - religion and fanatics don't mix well

The Second Coming: Another Failed Promise - Jesus isn't coming

Victims of the Christian Faith - What they did was sick

The Unspoken Bible - What the Church Doesn't Tell You

Does Free Will Vindicate God (Yahweh)? - Evil, pain, death: God's fault

Is the Christian god Logical? - Examines why the Xian god is not logical

Atheists in Foxholes - Comments on this old attack on atheists

Common Logical Fallacies - Just what it says

Can God Create a Rock He Can't Lift? - Why we should not ask this question

America: Year 2150 - A funny Jesus poem
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This is a place of atheism, for atheists.For those who seek knowledge and truth, this is for you.  You will find arguments for atheism here. The main purpose of this site is to serve as a quick-access area for atheists to get information, whether it be for personal enlightenment or
Feel free to suggest a URL to be considered for placement on my site.  Also, keep in mind that I'm just a regular guy like the rest of you and will make typos and grammatical errors.  In such instances, I won't be offended by anyone who points out such an error.  Thanks to anyone who reports dead links, as well.

Further explanation for this site:

Iím often E-mailed by theists (usually Christians) asking me why I spend so much time talking about gods, why I have to make a site about not believing in gods, and why I even care about such things if I donít believe.

To me, such questions seem pointless.  Why do so many people who believe in gods or a god spend so much time trying to talk others into believing what they believe?  Answer: because they want to.  I made this site because I wanted to.  If an atheist is going to be open with his or her atheism, especially on the Internet, he or she will eventually be badgered or defamed in some way by a believerómost likely a Christian.  A discussion of some sort between a believer and an unbeliever is inevitable if the unbeliever makes no effort to keep his or her atheism secret.  When such a discussion comes about, it is helpful to have something by which a person may gather information to help him or her in articulating as best as possible why he or she believes or does not believe a certain thing.  This site is not an attempt to move a believer to becoming an atheist.

Whether or not an atheist wishes to discuss his or her atheism is up to that particular atheist.  As for myself, I enjoy the subject of atheism.  Because I enjoy it, I have no qualms about spending a little time here and there talking about atheism.  My atheism is important to me and has changed my life in so many ways I canít even begin to list them hereóall for the better, mind you. 

There are many people who have just become an atheist or who doubt their theism, such individuals need a place to turn to for guidance and advice.  When a person realizes that he or she no longer believes that there is a god, it can be a moment of confusion and may be frightening to many.  Many experience joy and a sense of freedom, along with sadness and anger.  A helping hand will usually be much appreciated and is usually much needed during such a phase in a personís life. 

To me, it is not only important but also necessary that some atheists discuss their atheism and make the reasoning behind it public.  It is no surprise that so many religionists would like to see atheists keep quiet about their atheism.  Atheism threatens this type of religionist; it means that someone out there believes the religionist is wrong and may help others come to that same conclusion.  To this religionist, Iím sure the idea of all atheists keeping quiet about their atheism and letting the existence of atheism slowly slip away and out of the minds of everyone would be quite nice.  Fortunately, not all atheists have been pushed into a quiet, dark corner by the fear of criticism and negative stigmas. 

I try to keep a friendly attitude on the site, though I may seem rude in a few of the things I write on the
Encounters page or the Response to Guestbook Entries page.  Usually, it is me being stupid and creating humor at the expense of someone who was either extremely rude to me--or is simply so incredibly stupid that to ignore it would be a crime.  I don't generally make a habit of smearing someone's face in their own stupidity, but there are times when such things are necessary. 

Statement of Privacy:
All materials submitted to this site may or may not be published on the site for others to read with or without the consent of the person submitting the material.  No contextual changes will be made without request by the author of said material, for purpose of clarifying a thought.  If I wish to respond to something submitted to this site, I may omit irrelevant material using ellipses.  If you find that I have omitted something and you feel it was relevant to your thesis, contact me and I will remedy the situation by adding the omitted words back into the original work or by making a note with a link directing the reader to the full text.  I ask that you give a valid E-mail address with all submissions so that I may contact you if I have further questions or a response to something you have said.  All E-mail addresses made available to me are also subject to being made available to the readers who visit my site.  If you do not wish your E-mail address to be shared, make this known to me and I will consider your request and most likely respect it.

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