The adventures of Fattish and Fattoush
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Fattish and Fattoush were born in Beirut in a suburb called Rampoush. Their fathers were killed in one of the wars. Their mothers work night and day cleaning houses to make enough money to feed their boys hungry appetites, hence their large size; they never stop eating. They were very naughty and also stole sweeties and pastries from all shops around Rampoush. They are seen one day by a mystic man called Haji Baba and his dog Habboub.
Haji Baba tells them both that their only salvation is to follow his orders and go on a mission to save the world from the clutches of the most evil tyrant called

The one substance that decreases Mujava's power is Earth (Soil). The boys travel through the centre of the Earth's crust in a Mole Machine.

On their way they encounter many strange and peculiar creatures, some good and some evil.

Fattish and Fattoush come face to face with:

The Singing People.
The Yalyales
Archie and the Ant People
The Acquatics
The Bats
Stalagmite and Stalctite
Vulcan and the Lava People
Our new book

This is a book about the adventures of two funny rather large boys, Fattish and Fattoush, from the old city of Rampoush.
We dedicate this book to Rita, Maya, Alixander, and Christina, and to all the children in the world. This book is entirely devoted to them, because we love them so much, and of course they are worth it, because they are a source of pride and joy, with whom we shared many moments of precious awareness. Peace, love and tranquillity every child deserves. May this book be a candle to light your life, and your future. Wherever
you are, my children, this book is for you.

Denny Inns & Salah Kanaan
Truck Accident
Copyright 2004 by Denny Inns and Salah Kanaan
ISBN 1413743978
All rights reserved
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