Villa Anacronistica: Midnight Garden

Villa Anacronistica: Midnight Garden

"There beneath the Roman ruin, where the purple flowers grow..."--Alfred, Lord Tennyson

You wander through the Midnight Garden along a path of white marble, which glows faintly in the moonlight. The ghostly light also shimmers across pale roses, moonflowers, white angels' trumpets, and daylilies. The sides of the path are lined with a carpet of glowing white evening primroses. The air is scented with orange blossoms from an orchard nearby. Within the orchard you can make out a small mossy pool graced with creamy waterlilies. Intricate wrought-iron benches encircle the pool, offering a peaceful place for a chat.

Ahead of you rises the Villa Anacronistica, a graceful mass of pale marble Ionian columns and grand stairs. Please continue along the path and enter the Villa.

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