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Mark Vernon Kratzner
If you are looking for the Hoosierwood, Indiana the home of the Indiana Hollywood Hall of Fame, click the banner. See a listing of people from Indiana that have become of a part of Hollywood history.
Mark Vernon Kratzner
Born: May 3, 1963. Bloomington/Normal, IL
Homes: Jacksonville, IL. Muncie, IN. Anderson, IN. Indianapolis, IN.
School: Muncie Burris. Ball State University.
Walt Disney the man. (He was an amazing man. A master showman that knew how to entertain the public. He did not care about making money. He cared about making people happy. I will point out events in his life and the people that worked with him. THIS IS NOT A PARK OR DISNEYANA SITE. I might feature Disneyland history and some WDW items that Walt had on the plans for. I will try to focus on the other parts of Walt's life that well known. I will try to point out life action films, short subject cartoons, educational and nature projects.)

(There are many museums with special collections. I will focus on some that specialize in the entertainment field or pop culture history.)

Abraham Lincoln (I tried to find all the Lincoln sites in the US. I had hope to be done by his 200th birthday. This took a lot of my time. I will try to feature some sites from my research.)
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