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The Papermaker's Apprentice
Gets a *Real* Studio!

Or, at least, a *real* machine
for papermaking! 

Mark Lander
, that wonderful New Zealand paper artist and angel to hand papermakers everywhere, saw the need for an inexpensive Hollander beater for small studio use.  Those of us who have yearned to explore the wider dimensions of papermaking, but who couldn't afford the price tag of the big Hollander beaters, can now have a quality studio machine that can process cotton rag, denim, and all sorts of tough plant fibers! 

Our new home in Colorado used to belong to a photographer, so it has a darkroom, which I am converting into a papermaking studio.  Built-in water supply, exhaust fan, long counter and linoleum floor - so it should make a fine wet room.  There's another area on this level of the house that I can use for my dryer rack

I'm trying to get together with our resident wildflower expert, and learn how to indentify (and collect) some of the noxious weeds in the county - I think it will be nice to make something beautiful and useful out of those parasitic plants. 
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