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The Papermaker's Apprentice
                THEN & NOW!
I am the proud owner of a Little Critter!
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Hollander Beaters
Sounds a bit like the sorcerer's apprentice, doesn't it?  I wasn't actually anyone's apprentice...although at times, I did feel as though I was unleashing powers beyond my control...

I have taken
workshops here and there, but I am primarily a self-taught hand papermaker.  I learned by reading about the craft and experimenting in my basement.

I made my first paper using two coffee cans and a piece of window screening.  I tore up some pink notepaper, threw in some potpourri, and mixed it up in the blender with water.  I poured it in the topmost coffee can, waited for all the water to run through the screen to the bottom coffee can, removed the screen, flipped it onto a piece of old sheeting, and sponged water off the back of the screen.  When I carefully peeled off the screen--MAGIC--a piece of round, pink fragrant paper!  I've been hooked ever since...
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Papermaking Tutorials

NEW!!!  Bev's Quick and Dirty Papermaking Guide to Papermaking

Plus Photos from workshops at the Penland School of the Arts, Carriage House, and the American Museum of Papermaking
Why MAKE Paper
(when you can buy it at Office Depot)?
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