Georgia Off My Mind
KimCurley.com Kim and her husband Rik are fellow Fugitives From Atlanta (that sounds like a movie title).  They set out in a converted van a year ago to wander till they found their new home in Bend, Oregon.
Building the Simple Life - Clay and Judy Woods say they didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up, so they hit the road.  Somewhere during their 6 month road trip, their 'incubation period', they found a way of being and working.
Escapees - The RV club for serious RVers!
Get Your Kicks on Route 66 - Steinbeck's 'Mother Road', that legendary corridor from Chicago to LA, by way of Amarillo.
Hensley Manufacturing - We love our Hensley Arrow no-sway hitch - costs more, but worth every penny.  It feels rock-solid on the highway, even when you're being passed by a semi.
Jackson's Adventures - This boomer family gave up their home of 17 yrs. in central Florida to hit the road.  Their 9 yr. old daughter has been home-schooled all her life.
Mayberrys.com - For a great price on a super-quiet Honda generator!
Phred's Poop Sheets - Phred has a wealth of information for RVers (or the energy-conscious) on living 'unhooked', or what RVers call boondocking--everything from solar energy to water treatment to deep cycle batteries.  He tells it like it is!  From him, I learned the easiest way to get rid of garbage is to gift wrap it, put it in the pickup bed, and leave it parked in the mall.  Someone is almost always bound to steal it.
RV Hometown - Lots of good info for fulltime RVers; great links.
RVNetLinx - Links to all things RV!
Sunnybrook RVs - The best little RV company in Indiana, or anywhere else.
Click here to see a picture of our RIG -  Sunnybrook 29RBS (31') travel trailer towed by Ford F-150.
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Steinbeck and Kerouac would sympathize...
Steinbeck went in search of America; I guess Kerouac went in search of himself.  We are somewhere in between the two.  Have YOU been on the road?  What were you looking for?  Email and tell us your stories, and we'll print the best ones.
From the family archives --
Songs to RV by!
Welcome to our adventure.  This website is about getting back to what's really important about life==living it!  We had a house in suburbia; we battled the traffic to get to work; we had jobs that paid the bills and gave us the means to acquire all those THINGS that seem so necessary, but which, ultimately, left us unsatisfied. 

Somewhere down the road, around the next bend--the journey is the destination.
HitchItch.com - Check out the travels of other RVers!

The View From Our RV
The Beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mts.,
Outside Westcliffe, CO

The travel journal is now ARCHIVED. 
You can start reading at the
beginning -- or go to the index, and choose the entries you want to read.  Enjoy!
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