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Two Maine Coons and How They Grew
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Welcome to the cat pages!  My brother, Cyrano (le Bergeraccoon) and I, Roxanne (la Belle Coon) are BIG cats now (8 yrs. old), but just look at our baby pictures.  Here we are at 9 weeks! 
Cyrano - cream cameo tabby
Roxy - brown patch tabby with white
Mom and Dad brought us home in Oct. 1998 from our surrogate mom, Grace Cox, of Big Meow Cattery.  Our sire and dam were CFA champion show cats, but we're much happier to live our lives OUT of the limelight. 

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As you can see, Cyrano was mostly TAIL at 7 months. Like his namesake's nose, his tail follows him by 15 minutes!
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