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Bev's Quilting Page
I've always wanted to try my hand at quilting.  My mother was not a quilter, but grandmother was - for purely utilitarian purposes.  Her quilts were not works of art so much as needed bedding made from scraps from other sewing projects.  We received an Amish-made quilt as a wedding present, and that rekindled my interest somewhat, but not enough to stir me to action. 

Finally, in the winter doldrums, inspired by my interest in family history, I decided to make a memory quilt.

I did some research on the internet, and armed with block designs and scraps of fabric, and my general sewing skills, I set to work.  I chose a pinwheel design for some of the blocks, and for the others, I used a photo transfer method to make family photo blocks.  The finished size is 20" x 20" and I think that it turned out pretty well for a first quilt!
Center block quilted in butterly design
My great-grandmother Mickey Clonts
Yours truly at a tender age
Large butterly design on outer blocks

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