Why MAKE Paper
(When you can buy it at Office Depot)?
I've been asked versions of this question MANY times--even my *husband* couldn't understand at first why I wanted to do such a strange thing!

The answer is that: 

1) you can't get this kind of paper at Office Depot

2) it allows me to express myself in a way that traditional art forms don't provide

3) it's fascinating learning the history and practice of an ancient craft

4) I like feeling that I am part of an ancient tradition

5) It's friendly to the environment to recycle junk paper into something beautiful

6) You don't HAVE to make it from wood pulp--almost any woody plant will do.

OK, but what can you DO with it?
Here's just a few suggestions:

Gift cards and place cards, note cards, birthday cards, invitations, birth announcements

Wrapping paper, Christmas tree ornaments

Seed paper - paper with seeds in it that you can give and then plant

Watermarked stationery, calligraphy, book binding, book covers and end papers, portfolio pages and cover sheets

Mobiles, luminaries and lampshades, screens and shades for windows - I put some of mine on the glass parts of the door surrounds of my front door

Making three-dimensional items, like bowls, boxes, objects d'art

Rubber stamp art, framing and matting, photo backdrops

Framed as art - with pressed flowers, stamped images, photos, or all by itself!

Jewelry, embossing, collage

Resume paper and business cards

Painting on with watercolor or acrylic

Learning about recycling and sharing it with others

Teaching papermaking

Kite-making, decorative table settings and coverings

Covering boxes and lining drawers

Wallpaper, decoupage, scrapbooking

And on and on...
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