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I've only just begun researching the Summers family tree, so if you think you're related, please contact me! I am trying to verify a family legend that an ancestor  came from Scotland.
of the Summers:
Roy Richard Summers
(my grandfather)
b. 1899 (MO)
d. 1987 (MO)
Richard Summers
b. 1782 (MD)
d. 185? (MO)
Richard Lee "Uncle Pea" Summers
(my g- grandfather)
William Henderson Summers
b. 1807 (KY?)
d. 1886 (MO)
Mary Silvers
b. 1786 (KY)
d. 186? (MO)
Mary Alice Wymer
b. 1869 (MO)
d. 1956 (MO)
Hattie Clonts
b. 1900 (MO)
d. 1987 (MO)
Marinda Pinson
b. 1818
d. 1882 (MO?)
Brothers & sisters of William Henderson Summers

Nancy Summers
Samuel R. Summers
Valentine Summers
Richard Austin Summers
Matilda Summers
Emily Summers
Eliza Summers
Mary Malvina Summers
Martha Jane Summers
Ruth Summers
Brothers & sisters of Richard Lee Summers

Elizabeth Summers
Minerva Summers
Eliza Summers
Mary Emma Summers
Julia Summers
Elijah P. Summers
William J. Summers
Charles E. Summers
George W. Summers
John Frank Summers
Susan Summers
Brothers & sisters of Roy Richard Summers

Bertha Annie Summers
William Edwin Summers
Mary Zetta "Mae"     Summers
Charles Martin Summers
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