Once upon a time is NOW!  We have settled in the beautiful Wet Mountain Valley in southern Colorado! And this is how it all came about...

Once upon a time, a couple and their two Maine Coon cats lived in the sprawling, smog-covered and very *hot* city of Atlanta.  The people yearned to get out of the rat race, move to the country, and make a new life that was simpler and more relaxed.  The cats, being long-haired, just wanted to move somewhere cooler.

So, we quit our jobs and began to actively plan our escape.  Apart from the practical considerations of getting the *@#$ out of Dodge, we are simplifying our lives -- slowing down, getting rid of clutter and trying to relax...Read my
journal of our journey!
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Read the latest entries in my Westcliffe journal!

To learn how we got to Colorado, read my
archived travel journal.
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